Mr Monk and the Leper

Series 5 - Episode 10 Mr Monk and the Leper



A billionaire with leprosy asks Adrian to act on his behalf at a probate hearing, but proves to be using the outward trappings of chronic illness to conceal a deadly secret agenda. Film noir-themed episode of the comedy drama, starring Tony Shalhoub and Traylor Howard.

Cast & Crew

Adrian Monk Tony Shalhoub
Natalie Teeger Traylor Howard
Lt Randall Disher Jason Gray-Stanford
Capt Leland Stottlemeyer Ted Levine
Derek Bronson Stephen Bogardus
Mandy Bronson Sarah Brown
Dr Polanski Paul Blackthorne
Julie Teeger Emmy Clarke
Judge Lawrence Barr Lawrence O'Donnell
Mrs Kennedy Anne Gee Byrd
Director Randall Zisk
Writer Charles Evered
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