Witch Lady

Series 4 - Episode 21 Witch Lady



The reformed character comes up with a plan to make amends with an alleged witch, but his scheme backfires and she takes him hostage along with everybody else who has ever been nasty to her, concocting a gruesome plan to get her own back.

Cast & Crew

Earl Hickey Jason Lee
Catalina Nadine Velazquez
Joy Turner Jaime Pressly
Randy Hickey Ethan Suplee
Darnell Turner Eddie Steeples
Mrs Weezmer Betty White
Patty Dale Dickey
Stuart Mike O'Malley
Kenny James Gregg Binkley
Young Earl Noah Crawford
Chuck Stacey Hinnen
Cop Randy Brenner
Maddy Darcy Rose Byrnes
Babysitter Krista Ryan
Barbershop singer Timothy James Driscoll
Director Eyal Gordin
Writer Michael Shipley
Writer Matt Ward
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