Half Life

Series 3 - Episode 7 Half Life



The crew searches for survivors of a helicopter crash, and finds itself on an island with a high level of radiation after it was used for nuclear tests.

Cast & Crew

Chief Rebecca `Bomber' Brown Kirsty Lee Allan
CPO Andy `Charge' Thorpe John Batchelor
Lt Nikki Caetano Saskia Burmeister
Chris `Swain' Blake Matthew Holmes
Leading Seaman Josh `ET' Holiday David Lyons
Lt Kate McGregor Lisa McCune
Leo `2Dads' Kosov-Meyer Nikolai Nikolaeff
Able Seaman Billy `Spider' Webb Jay Ryan
Robert J Dixon Kristian Schmid
Lt Cdr Mike Flynn Ian Stenlake
PO Pete `Buffer' Tomaszewski Jeremy Lindsay Taylor
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