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The Big Bang Theory

  • 2016
  • Season 9
  • 24 episodes
  • Sitcom


Prepare to enter phase nine of television’s perpetual laughter experiment as THE BIG BANG THEORY successfully fuses the elements of science and sitcom. Our two genius roommates – Leonard and Sheldon ¬– and their friends are back once again and together, they will all learn that life is far more complicated outside of the lab as love and friendship never produce predictable results!


Episode 24: The Convergence Convergence


Conflict arises when Leonard's newly divorced parents and Sheldon's devoutly religious mother are all in town at the same time. And when Howard and Raj are contacted about the guidance system they've developed, they assume that the government is out to get them. Laurie Metcalf, Christine Baranski and Judd Hirsch guest star.


Rating: 4 out of 5.

A season that began with Penny and Leonard eloping to Las Vegas ends with TV’s unlikeliest couple preparing to marry again – this time for the benefit of family and friends. Joining Leonard’s psychiatrist mother Beverley is his anthropologist father Alfred and Sheldon’s Bible-bashing mother Mary. Fireworks ensue, but not all of them in expected ways…

There’s a respectful round of applause for Judd Hirsch (Alex in sitcom classic Taxi), making his debut as Alfred, and while the episode lacks the dramatic impact of previous season finales, it’s nice to see the writers investing in characters other than Sheldon. After all, it takes more than one element to make a Big Bang.

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Leonard HofstadterJohnny Galecki
Sheldon CooperJim Parsons
Howard WolowitzSimon Helberg
Raj KoothrappaliKunal Nayyar
PennyKaley Cuoco
Mary CooperLaurie Metcalf
Dr Alfred HofstadterJudd Hirsch
Dr Beverly HofstadterChristine Baranski

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