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Long Lost Family

  • Season 6
  • 7 episodes
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Episode 2: Long Lost Family


Forty-year-old mother of three Samantha Whyte turns to the programme for help as she searches for the Swiss father she has never met, having spent years dreaming about it. Raised by her single mother in Glasgow, Scotland, she was told the story of her parents' whirlwind romance in Zurich, and became desperate to know the man behind the myth. Meanwhile, Vanda James looks to put an end to a secret that has haunted her family for more than 50 years. When she was a child, a new-born baby was taken away at a few days old, and her mother never spoke about it. She discovered the baby was her brother and had been adopted, but her mother died before she had the courage to ask her about him.


Rating: 4 out of 5.

When she was six years old Vanda returned home after a holiday with relatives to find a baby boy propped up on her mum’s sofa. She clutched his tiny hands – then never saw the child again. It was only some years later that Vanda found a clue to his identity: he was her half-brother, her mum’s child, the product of an affair with a married man and reluctantly given up for adoption.

Vanda’s story has the most extraordinary outcome, after the splendid Davina McCall and Nicky Campbell and the Long Lost Family team do their digging. Your heart will pop with warmth at the generosity and kindness of everyone involved.

As it will when Samantha’s lifelong hunt for the dad she never knew reaches its unexpected end. All she’s ever had is a ragged old photograph of a handsome, dashing man, and a name. But she gets so much more…

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PresenterDavina McCall
PresenterNicky Campbell


DirectorClaire Lewis
DirectorTom McCarthy
DirectorAmelia Lavington
EditorPaddy Lynas
Executive producerColette Flight
Series producerSally Benton

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