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Fireman Sam

  • 2013
  • Season 7
  • 26 episodes
  • Children's


More adventures in Pontypandy with the nation's favourite emergency worker.


Stuck in the Muck/Sausages Vs. Shrimps/No Nurse Like You/The One That Got Away/Dinosaur Hunt


There's trouble for Trevor Evans as the school bus breaks down in the Pontypandy hills. Mobile phones have no signal up in the Welsh hills and he is stranded - with a beast about. / Norman Price gets Trevor Evans and Tom Thomas to have a competition to see whose food tastes better. Trevor Evans puts coal on to his barbecue causing some trees to catch fire. / Mike Flood and Helen Flood are having their anniversary party but a storm and a power cut end up causing a fire and Station Officer Steele to bump and hurt his nose. / Norman Price goes fishing with Charlie Sarah and James. They discover a baby whale heading for the beach and try to stop it but land themselves into trouble. / Norman Price and Trevor Evans discover an ammonite on the beach which inspires Norman to create the illusion of real dinosaurs for James and Sarah.

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