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Episode 8: Tiger Dynasty: Natural World


Documentary following Baghani, a tigress chosen to breed in the wild. She is airlifted from her home in an Indian park to a new reserve where she encounters Rajore, a male who has also recently been released. The pair are filmed over two years, as they fight leopards for territory and learn to hunt boar, while trying to avoid being killed by poachers.


There can be few more brutally beautiful sights in nature than that of a sleek tiger, tensing on its tightly muscled haunches as it waits to pounce on its prey. Not that this is appreciated by the beast who becomes lunch. Like the wild boar seen here in lurid close-up (this is not a programme suitable for young children) as a female tiger crunches through its neck before licking her bloody lips.

There is some astonishing photography from film-maker S Nalla Muthu in India’s Sariska National Park as he follows a pair who, the authorities hope, will mate to produce a new tiger dynasty. Though I can live without the Just Seventeen-type commentary as the pair stroll through the early stages of their relationship: “It’s their first date… romantic walk in the park.” These are gorgeous, terrifying animals whose fate, we learn in the most heartbreaking detail, hangs in the balance.

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