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The Amazing World of Gumball

  • Season 3
  • 20 episodes
  • Children's

The Egg/The Triangle/The Money/The Return/The Nemesis/The Crew/The Others/The Signature


Nicole arranges a playdate for Anais with the son of a classy lady she met at the supermarket. / Darwin joins the school marching band and his tin-whistle talent lands him the solo. / Richard has lost all of the family’s money. Nicole is happy for the Wattersons to appear in a Joyful Burger commercial for some much needed cash. / Richard is in charge of getting the kids to their first day back at school on time but he's overslept and now he can't find them, he has to retrace his steps. / Gumball and Darwin come face-to-face with their arch-nemesis. But is this super-villain out of control? / Gumball and Darwin attempt to join the baddest crew in town: the senior citizens! / Gumball and Darwin are shocked to realise that their class isn't the only one in Elmore Junior High. / Dad discovers that Granny Jojo and Louie plan to get married and move to Florida. To stop this happening he adopts Louie so that he can forbid him from marrying Granny Jojo.

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