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Waterloo Road

  • Season 7
  • 30 episodes
  • Drama


A gang war breaks out at Waterloo Road, threatening to derail Michael's efforts to turn the school around, and Josh struggles with an escalating drug problem which is masking a more serious illness.


Episode 24: Waterloo Road


Zack takes a DNA test to confirm his suspicions about his parentage - although a devastated Jez tells him that if the result comes back negative, it will make no difference to his feelings. Josh's increasingly erratic behaviour forces Tom to seek psychiatric help, while Matt is furious when he hears Rosie is moving away with Alex, meaning he could lose his daughter so soon after she has been born. Grantly and Maggie are left high and dry when the cosmetics company goes broke.


If parenting was an exam, there are two teachers at Waterloo Road who would definitely get an F.

Jez can’t see that his son Zac is so worried about being nothing like his dad that he’s starting to question his parentage, while Tom refuses to acknowledge that Josh is behaving oddly, even though he’s no longer doing drugs. Neither man handles his son at all well.

However, it’s Grantly’s attitude to pastoral care that’s most worrying. He does nothing to stop the classroom sniggers over Harley’s reading difficulties. Surely that’s condoning bullying, which isn’t a good message for a drama watched by school-age viewers.

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Zack DiamondLee Abbate
Jez DiamondAlex Walkinshaw
Matt WildingChris Geere
Rosie MatthewsJo-Anne Knowles
Dr Alex StonehamJonathan Wrather
Sian DiamondJaye Jacobs
Madi DiamondGeorgia Henshaw
Naseem SiddiquiShifaa Arfan
Finn SharkeyJack McMullen
Trudi SiddiquiAryana Ramkhalawon
Josh StevensonWilliam Rush
Daniel ChalkMark Benton
Grantly BudgenPhilip Martin Brown
Nikki BostonHeather Peace
Tom ClarksonJason Done
Kyle StackGeorge Sampson
Tariq SiddiquiNaveed Choudhry
Lauren AndrewsDarcy Isa
Maggie CroftMelanie Hill
Michael ByrneAlec Newman
Denzil KellyReece Douglas
Harley TaylorKane Tomlinson-Weaver
Jodie `Scout' AllenKatie McGlynn
Phoenix TaylorKaya Moore
Janeece BryantChelsee Healey
Craig O'LearyMatt Kennard
Shona MansfieldHope Katana
Dr BannisterArchie Lal


DirectorDaikin Marsh
ProducerTim Key
WriterSally Tatchell

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