Unlike his troubled detective, Hans Rosenfeldt is very laid-back and has plenty of recommendations for Nordic Noir devotees planning a pilgrimage to Saga Noren's home, Malmo.


It turns out it's much prettier than it looks on television. "We have a rule that we don't really want to show any exteriors older than 1960," says Rosenfeldt.

"So we deliberately avoid the old town because the houses were very cute. We don't want cute. We want to create a cold and hostile feeling. So we're not really very good for the tourists!"

Hans on Malmo...

"I usually stay in a very nice hotel located in the city centre, Mäster Johan. Friendly, very professional staff, great service with big and personalised rooms.

For fine dining in the old town, but very relaxed, informal service: Vollmers. You need to book in advance.

Also in the old town (close to Mäster Johan) is Laroche Wine and Tapas. Friendly atmosphere and classic spanish dishes as well as their own invention. Something for everyone.

Saga doesn't have time to buy a desk
Saga doesn't have time to buy a desk

The neighbourhood where Saga lives is called Västra Hamnen (West Harbour - pictured above). If you walk behind the Turning Torso, you come to the beach where there are wooden bathhouses on poles out in the water. That's one of my favourite places to walk.

Kungsparken (King's Park) behind the city library is also very nice and close to Malmöhus Slott (Malmöhus Castle)."

Hans on Stockholm...

"Not in the city centre, but an easy taxi ride away; Restaurang Bockholmen is situated right next to the water. Great food, great surroundings, in the summer big outdoor area and kids can run around.


The amusement park Gröna Lund on Djurgården, an island in central Stockholm

The café in my absolute favourite museum in Stockholm, Fotografiska Museet (Museum of Photography), has good food and a stunning view. You eat looking out over Djurgården – which I really recommend for a day of walking.

Il Tempo. Good, well made Italian food in a small corner restaurant on “Söder”, the trendiest part of the city. Or as the owner describes it: “A New York-Italian-modern-rustic-fine-simple-ristorante.”

If you want vegan food, why not visit the best vegan restaurant in Sweden – Lao Wai. Even a meat-eater like me just has to love it. Truly great food."

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