Stay in the super-cool Tokyo apartment in Girls

Shoshanna's colourful pad is available to rent for £97 per night


Yearning to jet off to Tokyo? Us too after seeing Shoshanna’s amazing apartment in the US comedy Girls.


She lives her Japanese dream in this colourful, cartoon-like loft, hanging out with her new friends, Skyping the Girls in New York at her kitchen table and lying in the hammock after nights out on the town. She is absolutely in love with her life here, and spends lots of time standing on the balcony looking like she’s won the lottery. When Shoshanna finds out she has to leave the flat and return to America, she’s devastated.

Well, wouldn’t you be? I mean, check out that hammock.


The good news is that anyone can live Shoshanna’s dream and rent that apartment on Airbnb. It’s one of nine in a block called Reversible Destiny Lofts in Tokyo’s western suburbs. Built in 2005, each is painted 14 different colours inside and outside and is designed “not to die”.

According to the website, this means that it doesn’t just look pretty. “The building provides different uses for each individual according to their physical abilities,” it explains. “While there are spaces that a three-year old could use better than an adult, there are spaces that a seventy-year old may be better suited to explore.”

And that’s not all: “Our bodies, which are different from each other, change constantly. By inhabiting a space that does not allow you to think of it as something that is self-evident, you can realize that you can do things that at some point you thought were impossible. That is the essence of the idea of ‘reversible destiny,’ which the building embodies.”


More practically, Shoshanna’s apartment sleeps four and costs £97 per night, which is very reasonable for Tokyo. You have to stay for a minimum of six nights and the next available date is 16th April. There have only been three views to date but they’re all five stars. Send us yours on a postcard.


For more information and to book, go to: Girls continues on Mondays, Sky Atlantic at 10.10pm.

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