More TV please, we’re British… Airways

Thanks to a new ruling, BA passengers will soon be able to watch television and films from the minute they sit down to the moment of touchdown

Everyone knows the best thing about long-haul flights is cramming in as many movies, TV shows (and free booze) as possible. So isn’t it annoying being forced to make small talk with your fellow passengers during that initial period before take off – not to mention being cut off in the middle of a movie to prepare for landing. 


Good news then, as British Airways has reached an agreement with the Civil Aviation Authority allowing passengers to get stuck into its TV and film offering from the moment they arrive in their seats, and to carry on enjoying the in-flight entertainment until the plane finally touches down. 

Until now, British aviation rules have meant travellers must wait around ten minutes after their aeroplane has taken off before they can start watching programmes, while the system is switched off for the last 20 minutes of the flight, during landing. 

However, British Airways has satisfied the authorities that its new range of onboard entertainment systems will not interfere with the aircrafts’ safety functions and can be overridden by the captain where necessary to make important announcements. 


While at present the changes only apply to BA planes equipped with the new technology, it looks as if it won’t be long before all long-haul passengers will be able to enjoy an extra half-hour of in-flight telly, whoever they travel with. Bon voyage!