“I’d love to have a go at a Bear Grylls show” says Jenny Powell after making Romania travel show

After foraging and preparing food in remote communities the Loose Women presenter fancies her chances in the wild

In her latest series, Romanian Food and Wine Adventure, former Loose Women presenter Jenny Powell travels 6,500km through Romania meeting local communities so she can eat with them. And she says milking sheep with local shepherds, foraging for food and fishing for her own dinner are useful skills to have.


“It would be great to know that you could be slightly self-sufficient. You should at least know how to gut a fish,” says Powell.

“You don’t know what’s going to happen anymore. The world is a very unstable place, in a lot of ways. You might have to go out there and survive for yourself.”

Powell admits she has a survival bag in her bedroom, just in case; “I’ve got my bug-out bag ready in my bedroom as we speak.” And she would be keen to test her skills to the max on an adventure series.

“I’d love to have a go [at a Bear Grylls show],” says the presenter. “I’m great at getting my hands dirty… but whether I can walk the walk is another matter.”

A real champion of going back to basics when it comes to food, Powell shops at farmers’ markets in the UK and doesn’t eat processed food. “I make sure my kids know what real food is,” says Powell, who tries the rustic grub around Romania everywhere from Transylvania to Baia Mare during her Travel Channel series. “The way these people live is just so pure and simple and so organic… it’s the way you should eat.

“It was the most amazing adventure I’ve ever had.”

Jenny Powell’s Romanian Food and Wine Adventure airs this week on Travel Channel (Wednesday 13th May at 4:30pm), see here for more details.


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