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Bear Grylls admits some “substance” to hotel fakery allegations

Adventurer reveals he did stay in a hotel one night, but there was a reason for it logo
Published: Saturday, 20th September 2014 at 7:39 am

Bear Grylls has previously been accused of staging parts of his adventure shows, most famously Born Survivor, including staying in hotels once the cameras stop rolling. There is some “substance” to the hotel claims he tells Piers Morgan, but it hardly sounds like he’d got a bit chilly and thought he’d make the most of a bed for the night.


"There was some substance to that one allegation about a hotel and I had done that for a night," Bear explains.

“The truth was we’d been away filming all over the world in Borneo and Alaska, all these places, and Marmaduke, our middle son had just been born, so it was eight years ago now, and suddenly we were back filming in Scotland.

“I thought, absolute heaven! Brilliant, with the family! So I said to them come on up. They came up, we spent a night in a B&B together, it was brilliant. I didn’t think anything more of it," he adds.

But then Bear reveals two years later he woke up to find a story had come out, suggesting his nights under the stars weren’t quite as they seemed.

“I really regret that, but it’s not my first mistake,” he admits adding, “It’s not my last mistake and I think I had to develop fast. You know, have broad shoulders for this. It was a baptism by fire into the negative media side.”


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