America’s top five foodie cities according to TV’s Adam Richman

The Man Finds Food presenter lays down the best dishes and places to try them in the States...

In Man Finds Food (everyday this week on Food Network) Adam Richman travels across America to find the nation’s best fast food. His saliva-inducing journey takes him to lobster houses, restaurants selling grilled six-ounce New York strip steaks and to Los Angeles, where he discovers a Godzilla sandwich. Food-obsessed Richman has kept a travel log of all the places he’s ever dined in since 1995, so who better to ask where to gorge on the USA’s most delicious offerings? Here he rates America’s top cities for eating and reveals what to try in each of them…


5. Chicago, Illinois

“Do the classic eats in this city,” says Richman, “try a Chicago dog, with celery salted pickle and poppy seed bun. I also highly recommend Lou Malnati’s sausage pie (you must, must, must order in advance, as it takes 45 mins to an hour to cook the pie). Another place to check out is Pequods for a typical pizza from the area, and try Chicago-style Italian beef – Mr. Beef on Orleans and Al’s Italian Beef are my two favourites beef joints, they’re very different but they are very good. There’s a strong Mexican community in Chicago, and the Maxwell street fair has great tortas and great tacos. For the fine dining scene head to River North and go to Rockit – a rock ‘n’ roll gastro pub. It’s hyper cool and has a great nightlife scene and really great food. For pan-Asian try a place called Sunda, which brings in influences from Japan. You can eat everything from sushi and sashimi to crispy pata, a Filipino dish, and things like stuffed avocado, Brussels sprouts salads, house-made escolar sushi and white tiger rolls. For pasta go to RPM – the décor is not to my speed (there’s even a DJ there), but the food is unbelievable. The pastas at RPM are probably the best I’ve had in the country. One of my top three restaurants in the country also happens to be in Chicago, it’s a place called The Girl and the Goat – make your reservation before you book your ticket to Chicago. The place is so booked that they opened another place across the street called Little Goat. They do three baby goat legs a night, you have to call in advance to get one, but wholly hell is it worth it. This is one of the few places that I’ve been to that I would honestly eat anything on the menu.” 


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