Is Bear Grylls learning survival tips from Joey Essex and the I’m A Celeb camp?

The adventurer’s Wild Weekend sees him teaching Stephen Fry some mountain-based survival tips, including starting a fire with a tampon. Now where have we seen that before...?

Survival expert Bear Grylls is heading off on an adventure in the Italian mountains with Stephen Fry and one of his tricks for surviving outdoors is… using a tampon as a firelighter.


This is strange for several reasons.

1. Why would two men have a tampon?

2. If they packed it purposely, why not just pack some matches instead?

3. This will be the second time in only a matter of months this has happened on British TV after Joey Essex and the gang on I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! came up with the trick on their first night in the Australian jungle.

And if Bear is now picking Joey’s brains for survival tips, well, Stephen Fry may not come back alive…

Bear’s Wild Weekends starts 25 December on Channel 4