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iPhone 12: Here’s what Sky Mobile have to offer

Getting the new iPhone 12? Here's the packages Sky Mobile can provide.

Sky Mobile iPhone 12

The brand new iPhone 12 is finally here. After months of speculation around the final specs and unexpected delays due to the global lockdown, buyers can finally get their hands on the latest release from Apple. 


If you’re planning to snap up your own iPhone 12, you’ll need to decide which network to sign up to. Sky Mobile won Network of the Year at the 2020 uSwitch Awards and have flexible plans, trade in options and extra benefits for Sky TV customers, so it is well worth taking a look at what they have to offer. 

Sky Mobile also has 99 per cent network coverage, meaning they should be a good option for the vast majority of new customers. 

Below, we explain what the network is offering proud owners of the latest iPhone 12 and how you can sign up to get your shiny new phone ready to go. 

What do Sky Mobile offer for the iPhone 12?

All new iPhone 12 colours
Apple’s new iPhone 12

Sky Mobile has flexible data options, limitless allowances and more.

No matter which Sky Mobile plan you choose, it comes with free unlimited calls and texts as standard. This means you won’t ever have to worry about how many minutes you have remaining and can text anyone in the UK and EU as often as you like. 

The only thing you need to decide is which data plan you want. But don’t worry too much if you’re not sure on the exact amount of data you will need or if your usage may vary during different months. 

The best thing about the Sky Mobile deals is that everything is flexible. This means you can upgrade to a bigger data plan whenever you want to instantly access additional data, or you can scale down to a smaller data plan which will kick in from your next billing date. 

Sign up to Sky Mobile 

What happens if I don’t use all my data?

If you don’t end up using all of your data allowance one month, any remaining data rolls into your “Sky Piggybank”. You can store your own data here as well as any from up to seven SIMs registered on your account. It will stay stored there for three years.

Any data that accumulates in your piggybank can be exchanged for special rewards like Sky Store vouchers or money off a new phone, tablet or various accessories. 

What happens if I already have Sky TV?

Sky TV
Sky TV

Even if you are not a Sky TV customer, you can access non-subscription Sky apps such as Sky News without using up any of your data.

If you are already a Sky TV customer and you decide to sign up to Sky Mobile, you will be able to use every subscribed Sky app and watch Sky TV on your phone without using any of your data allowance. That means you can stream subscribed content from Sky Sports, Sky Cinema and more without eating a single MB of your data.

Can I upgrade my phone?

It may seem early to be thinking about upgrades when the iPhone 12s are only just hitting the shelves. However, the next big thing is only ever just around the corner in the world of tech and you can risk being stuck with an out of date model if you’re tied into an inflexible contract. 

Sky Mobile will allow you to upgrade to a new phone any time after the first 31 days of your plan. You can save money on your new device by trading in your old phone. 

If your handset is in good condition at the end of your 12, 24 or 36 month plan, you won’t have to pay anything extra. If you want to swap sooner, you can trade it in for a discount on your next device.

You can also save by using your Sky Piggybank data to get a discount. Or, you can even keep your current phone and still upgrade for a new one by paying the full price and not having to trade your existing model. 

Sign up to Sky Mobile 

How does Sky Mobile compare to other networks?

While other networks also have offerings such as good coverage and UK-based call centres, Sky Mobile does have a number of unique features which other providers don’t currently offer.. 

Streaming Sky Apps without using data is exclusive to Sky Mobile and would be especially beneficial to any existing Sky TV customers, or anyone who is considering signing up. 

Sign up to Sky Mobile

Being able to store your unused data for up to three years, and even exchange it for rewards like a new phone, is also unique to the network. This feature would be ideal for anyone who likes to stay updated with the latest new technology as it becomes available. 

You can see the various benefits of Sky Mobile compared against other major networks in the table below:

Sky table

How to get the iPhone 12 on Sky Mobile

To sign up to Sky Mobile with your new iPhone, simply go to the Sky website to get started. 

Sign up to Sky Mobile now

Sky Mobile also has a “text-to-switch” service, meaning you can leave your current provider without having all the hassle of calling them up. You can also keep your existing mobile number if preferred. 

To switch, you just need to text PAC to 65075 and you will receive a switching code. Sky Mobile will sort out everything else.

For more information and full terms and conditions on all the Sky Mobile information discussed above, please visit the website


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