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Best PS4 and PS4 Pro Cyber Monday 2020 deals: Today’s offers on PS4 games and bundles

Our picks of the cheapest PlayStation 4, PS4 Slim, PS4 Pro and controller deals, as well as great Black Friday and Cyber Monday offers on games.

PS4 Black Friday deals

The big day might have finished, but there are still many Cyber Monday deals – and that includes the PS4. Usurped from the top spot by the PS5, there will be some big PS4 savings to be had, but be ready as stock has been low for a while now and any hesitating could cause you to miss out.


Stock for PS4, PS4 Pro, and PS4 Slim, as well as bundles, is low and has been for some time, meaning getting a great deal is hard right now. At the time of writing, the PS4 was available at both Currys for £249 and Argos for £249, but for how long we cannot be certain.

One thing that most definitely is in stock, is a wide range of PS4 games that have had their price slashed by a number of retailers. Whether it’s the newly reduced price of £32.99 for Fifa 21 at Very, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order discounted by 54% or Marvel’s Spider-Man slashed to less than half-price to £13.99 at Argos, in the store’s games sale, there are some genuine PS4 bargains to be taken advantage of this Black Friday.

We’re doing the hard work for you, keeping track of the best PS4 and PS4 Pro Black Friday deals. When retailers restock we’ll update you right here, so keep this page bookmarked for the latest offers. And just a reminder: if you’re after a PS4 console, best have your bank card at the ready.

Who has PS4 stock?

Anyone and everyone will be competing against each other to make sure that they have the best deals this year, which is great news for us consumers. Amazon, GAME, Smyths, Currys PC World, CDKeys, John Lewis, and many more will all be go-to places for gamers to try and nab themselves a bargain. We’ll be checking prices throughout November and for the rest of Black Friday weekend into Cyber Monday, so keep an eye on this page for the cheapest and best PS4 deals.

At the time of writing, console stock is available at Amazon, Argos and Currys PC World.

Best PS4 Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals

There are some PS4 deals live in places, but stock is proving a challenge. Below, we’ve listed the best prices or most popular deals and bundles to keep an eye on. We’ll keep you updated when they’re in stock.

Best PS4 Pro Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals

The PS4 Pro is a more powerful, 4K version of the PS4. Compared to the standard PS4, the PS4 Pro should load games faster and the graphics will be improved. For instance, the picture will be sharper and the textures more defined while shade and light, in particular, will tend to look more realistic.

Best PSVR Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals

PlayStation VR headset

The main piece of VR kit is the headset, which can be purchased as a choice of two main packages below. There are also various add-ons and upgrades, such as cameras and innovative controllers. And there are also starter packs that you can get which are a great way of entering the VR world.

Below we break down all there is available for PSVR right now from the hardware to the games and everything in between. As with everything else, we will keep checking and update when more stock and deals go live.

Whilst there were not a huge amount of games you could play for VR when the system first launched, more and more have been released since, and while the catalogue still is not massive, there are now many that you can pick up and play. Including Rick and Morty which seems like the perfect fit for virtual reality.

Best PS4 game Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals

Many popular games have seen multiple incarnations over the years, with ground-breaking new favourites emerging all the time. If you’re looking to buy a PS4, choosing a bundle deal could be a more cost-effective way to get your hands on your favourite game and are often the best value PS4 offers. Console bundles frequently include top games like FIFA 20 and Fortnite. It is also likely that the new version of the football game, FIFA 21, will see some bundle deals.

Best PS4 accessory Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals

If you already own a PS4 and you want some of the varied accessories that go along with it, they are in stock! Here are some of the best we have seen at the moment and we will keep tabs whenever deals come available.

Best PS Plus Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals

PS Plus saw a bit of a price hike earlier in the year but happily, even before Black Friday starts, there are savings to be found with the likes of Smyths offering a 12-month PS Plus subscription for £37.49. Fingers crossed this sees a further reduction at the end of November.

What alternatives are there to a PS4?

Sticking to the same generation of consoles, there is the direct competitor of the Xbox One. Like the PS4, there is a range of consoles with the Xbox One X being the equivalent of the PS Pro. We have compared the Ps4 Pro vs the Xbox One X if you want to see the differences between the two.

Then there is the Nintendo Switch which can be used as a regular console or as a handheld device – great for playing games on the go. The advantage of owning a Switch is the wealth of titles that can only be played on that device, including many Mario titles, and titles like Animal Crossing: New Horizons which have taken the gaming world by storm.

And of course, the PS5 and the Xbox Series X have just been released to usher in the next-generation of gaming.

Should I get the PS4 or PS5?

It depends on your set up and what you want out of your gaming machine. If you don’t have a 4K TV already, you are not fussed about having the best graphics, and you don’t mind loading times and things like slower framerates, then the PS4 would be a good shout. There are a huge amount of Sony exclusives that were released on that console and even the PS5 Miles Morales centred launch game has a version for last-generation machines.

But if you are 4K ready and you want the best of the best, it is the PS5 hands down. Everything about playing a game on the new console feels superior and with future PS exclusives swaying towards being PS5 only, it will only be a matter of time before you find yourself missing out on some games that will, most likely, be universally loved.

And on the 4K front, regular DVDs and Blu-rays will play on either generation of the console, but it is only the PS5 that will support 4K, with Sony being a little late in the game at jumping in with a 4K disc drive in the same way that Xbox was.

What’s the difference between PS4 and PS4 Pro and Slim?

ps4 pro

Both consoles have the same 1TB storage options and 8GB memory, although the memory on the PS4 Pro runs faster so the overall performance should be better. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and HDR (High Dynamic Range – enhanced colours and detail on images) features are present in both versions.

There’s now also the updated PS4 Slim version, as well as the PS4 Pro, which Sony had labelled “the most powerful PlayStation ever made” and also supports HDR gaming. While the PS5 has now surpassed that in terms of power, it still shows how strong a console that is.  Expect the PS4 to see some reductions in the sale (if stock improves) – especially now the new console is upon us.

And, if you’re considering the PS5 or non-Sony consoles, take a look at our in-depth comparison of the PS4 Pro vs Xbox One X and PS5 vs PS4, too.

How do these PS4 deals compare to last year?

While the PS5 does change things this year, we expect an echo of the deals we tracked on the PS4 last year.

Bundles were the name of the game last year with some great savings to be found at places such as Amazon, GAME and Argos. God Of War, The Last Of Us Remastered, and Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition were all available as part of a 1TB console bundle that clocked in around the £200 mark – which even now is a super saving that we would not turn our noses up at.

Look for more of the same this year but with potentially larger discounts to be found given that the PS5 will be released by the time the sale kicks off.

The PS4 Pro also saw a slight reduction which was nice given that it was still a relatively new console at the time. PS4 accessories including controllers and headsets were on offer too and there were a large number of games that saw prices slashed.

PlayStation VR saw huge savings last year with the price dropping from a then £249 to around the £179 mark at many different retailers. Considering that Sony is still heavily invested in the world of virtual reality, look for more of the same this year. The PS VR Mega Pack also saw a significant drop in price, coming down from £299 to £209.

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