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Best SIM-only deals in June 2021

Got a phone minus the contract? Don’t miss these sizzling SIM-only plans from Vodafone, EE, Three and more.

Best SIM only deals this month

If you’re keen to keep your phone expenditure to a minimum, then one definite route to explore is picking up a SIM-only plan. Of course, you’ll need a handset, and it will need to be ‘unlocked’ for whichever network you choose. If you’ve got these, you will definitely save money compared to a typical contract, which incorporates the handset’s cost.


And what makes SIM-only plans so appealing is that you’ll often find them on sale throughout the year. Many providers either slash the prices of their SIM-only contracts or boost the allotted data allowance. Either way, these discounted packages are often sublime value for money.

Read on for our run-down of the best offers on SIM-only plans you’ll find this June, followed by a few more pointers on the benefits of foregoing a new phone. And if you happen to be on the hunt for a new handset? Make sure you read our best iPhone, new phones 2021 and Samsung Galaxy phone list articles. And on the off-chance you’re seeking out a handset separately, remember that Prime subscribers can take advantage of some fantastic deals during Amazon Prime Day 2021, which is coming soon.

Best SIM-only deals in June 2021

Here’s are the best SIM-only offers you’ll find online right now.

What is a SIM-only plan?

A SIM-only plan sets you up with minutes, texts and data on a monthly basis – all that’s missing is the phone. Instead, you’ll get the SIM (subscriber identification module) card, the conduit between you and your provider.

More and more SIM-only contracts are 5G these days, so if you’ve got a phone that supports the latest generation of connectivity, you can be sure to find a plan.

Why choose SIM-only?

If your phone-obsessed mate has donated their no-longer-flagship handset to you, then you should definitely consider picking up a SIM-only plan. If you’re happy with your friend’s cast-off, then why spend unnecessary money on a new handset?

People who chew through lots of data should also consider the SIM-only route, especially if they’re nearing the end of their current contract. If you like to stream film and TV shows while you’re out and about, you’ll doubtless plough through loads of your allotted data. So if you’re about to finish your current contract, consider keeping your handset and switching over to SIM-only.

Lastly, SIM-only plans are perfect for commitment-phobes who don’t want to get locked into the usual two-year contract with a phone provider. Many SIM-only contracts are 12, 16 or 24 months long – but some providers, like GiffGaff and Smarty, offer rolling plans you can exit at any time.

If you’re mid-contract and not quite ready for the SIM-only switcheroo, then bookmark this page – we’re keeping it up-to-date with all the latest price drops and data boosts. And for all the latest news and deals, make sure you sign up for the RadioTimes.com tech newsletter.


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