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Last chance to get 2 Amazon Fire TV Sticks Lite for £35 on Cyber Monday

It's the last chance to snap up a Fire TV Stick at a reduced price. Don't miss the offer for 2 Fire TV Sticks Lite for just £35.

Cyber Monday fire stick

The sale extravaganza of Black Friday brought with it some really affordable smart stick deals and the fun continues with Cyber Monday, as today is the final day many deals from the 2020 sales period will be available. Fire Sticks are one of many products on offer at the moment and there are plenty more Amazon Cyber Monday deals available, too.


The smart TV stick allows you to stream your favourite shows from services like Netflix and BBC iPlayer straight to your TV. And if your TV is 4K ready, then you buy a version that will make the most out of your set and stream 4k quality content from the likes of Netflix, Disney+ and Prime Video.

Despite us having already seen the Fire Stick Lite drop in price to just £19.99 down from £29.99 earlier this Black Friday season, you can now get two of the devices for £35. Amazon has also cut its prices again on the original and all new Fire Stick, offering two for £45. Plus, the Fire TV Stick 4K is now on offer for £29.99. That’s a saving of £20 or 40%, meaning it’s reduced to the normal RRP of the Lite version, so you’re truly picking up a bargain here.

These deals don’t tend to stick around long so we suggest acting fast when you do see a discounted Fire TV Stick.

Below you’ll find some of the cheapest Amazon Fire Stick deals available now, plus advice on which one to choose and other streaming stick alternatives on the market.

Best Fire TV Stick Cyber Monday deals

Amazon Fire Stick

Other smart TV stick deals for Cyber Monday

If the Fire TV Stick discounts aren’t enticing enough for you, the Roku streaming player has now been reduced across the Express, Premiere and Stick+ devices. Take advantage of these Roku Black Friday deals below:

What is the Amazon Fire TV Stick?

The Amazon Fire TV Stick is a device that you plug into your TV to allow you to stream content over the internet. You can download apps from the Amazon Store, including Netflix, YouTube and Disney+. It looks a little like a USB stick which you plug into one of your TV’s HDMI ports. A benefit of the Fire TV Stick is that you can move it between TVs and take it on your travels.

What types of Amazon Fire TV Stick are there?

There are three types of Amazon Fire Sticks available to buy at three different price points, plus the Fire TV Cube:

Which Amazon Fire TV Stick should you buy?

With three on offer, plus the Fire TV Cube, aside from clear differences in price, it can be difficult to decide which streaming stick to buy. Below, we explore the main features of each Fire TV Stick and who they might be most suitable for.

Fire TV Stick 4K Ultra HD

Fire TV Stick 4k

Launched: 2018

Best for: those who want 4K streaming quality

The 4K Fire Stick is Amazon’s most powerful streaming stick. You can control it using your voice with the Alexa Voice Remote, requesting the device to play a song or start a film or programme of your choice (depending what streaming services you are signed up to and which apps you have). Compared to other 4K streaming media players under £100, the online giant claims that their 4K Fire TV Stick has the most storage for apps and games.

All new original Fire TV Stick

New original Fire TV Stick

Launched: 2020 (third generation)

Best for: those who want to stream and have the ability to control the TV

The third generation of the original Fire TV Stick launched this year. It’s 50% more powerful than the previous 2019 release. What’s the difference between other models? You do get an Alexa Voice Remote that can control the TV (unlike the Lite), but you don’t have 4K like the premium version.

Fire TV Stick Lite

Fire TV Stick Lite

Launched: 2020

Best for: basic streaming and upgrading older non-smart TVs on a budget

The Lite launched this year and is the budget version of Amazon’s original streaming stick. One key difference between the other models is that you get the ‘Alexa Voice Remote Lite’, or in other words, this paired back version doesn’t have power or volume buttons.

Fire TV Cube

Fire TV Cube

Launched: 2019 (second generation)

Best for: combining a streaming stick and a smart speaker

In our in-depth Amazon Fire TV Cube review, our reviewer found that this media player quickly transitioned from the homepage to playing any film or TV show without any buffering – probably thanks to its hexa-core processor (the Fire TV Sticks have quad-core processors). But the main standout difference if you’re tossing up whether to invest in the Fire TV Cube or a Fire TV Stick is that you can treat this Amazon product like their Echo speakers. In other words, you can also use it to control smart devices and ask it queries. Plus, the Fire TV Cube boasts 16 GB of storage for your apps, while each device in the Fire TV Stick range has 8GB.

Best Fire Stick Cyber Monday deals

If you’re keen to get your hands on an Amazon Fire TV Stick, below we’ve rounded up the best prices from a variety of retailers. You’ll often find the streaming players price-matched by sites such as Argos or Very.

Fire TV Stick 4K Ultra HD

  • Amazon | £49.99 £29.99 (save £20 or 40% off)
  • Very | £49.99 £29.99 (save £20 or 40% off)
  • Argos | £49.99 £29.99 (save £20 or 40% off)
  • Currys | £49.99 £29.99 (save £20 or 40% off)

All new original Fire TV Stick

  • Amazon | £39.99 £24.99 (save £15 or 38% off)
  • Very | £39.99 £24.99 (save £15 or 38% off)
  • Argos | £39.99 £24.99 (save £15 or 38% off)
  • Currys | £39.99 £24.99 (save £15 or 38% off)

Fire TV Stick Lite

  • Amazon | £29.99 £19.99 (save £10 or 33% off)
  • Very | £29.99 £19.99 (save £10 or 33% off)
  • Argos | £29.99 £19.99 (save £10 or 33% off)
  • Currys | £29.99 £19.99 (save £10 or 33% off)

Fire TV Cube 

  • Amazon | £109.99 £69.99 (save £40 or 36% off)
  • Very£109.99 £69.99 (save £40 or 36% off)
  • Argos | £109.99 £69.99 (save £40 or 36% off)
  • Currys | £109.99 £69.99 (save £40 or 36% off)

What alternatives are there to the Amazon Fire TV Stick?

The Amazon Fire TV Stick range may be one of the most well known in the world of streaming players, but there are plenty of other options.

NOW TV Stick

A NOW TV Stick is a portable streaming stick and like the Fire TV Stick, it can be controlled using your voice. If you’re interested in NOW TV passes for Sky Sports or other bundles, you can often buy these in combination with a NOW TV Stick. The NOW TV Stick streams HD.

Read our guide to what is a NOW TV stick for more information. You can also check out our best NOW TV Black Friday deals to see all the current offers.


  • Roku Express | £29.99 £17.99 (save £12) – streams HD, simple remote
  • Roku Premiere | £39.99 £27.99 (save £12) – streams HD, 4K, HDR, simple remote
  • Roku Streaming Stick+ | £49.99 £34.99 (save £15) – streams HD, 4K, HDR, enhanced remote with TV and power volume

If you’re looking for another option, Roku has just that. Well, actually, much like Amazon, Roku has three streaming players on the market at different price points.


In our Roku Premiere review, we found this mid-range streaming stick particularly suitable for first-time streamers or those looking to upgrade an older, or non-smart, TV without parting with a lot of cash. It’s comparable to the all new original Fire TV Stick at £39.99, except it offers 4K streaming. However, unlike Amazon’s mid-range model, the Roku Premiere has a simple remote – to be able to control TV volume, you’ll need to choose the Roku Streaming Stick+.

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