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Nintendo Switch Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals 2019 – Switch Lite drops to £168

Your guide to the best Nintendo Switch Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals available this week - and what to look for

Nintendo Black Friday deals

Whether you’re looking for the cheapest Nintendo Switch bundles, or just a great deal to get that early Christmas gift, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are great times to snap up the console.


The best deal we’ve seen so far on the Nintendo Switch is £279 on ebay while the online retailer has just dropped the price of the Nintendo Switch Lite to £168,; that’s the best price we’ve seen so far. It’s generally settled around the £189.99 mark during the sale, Amazon currently has it for £199.99.

You can get the Nintendo Switch in a Pokemon Shield bundle for £219, a saving of £6.99 – it’s a new game so we don’t expect huge savings on this one. Asda has a good deal with Nintendo Switch dropping to £169.99, but that’s only if you pop in-store.

Amazon’s Nintendo Switch bundle deals page has a few offers that caught our eye – with games like Legend of Zelda: Links Awakening, Luigi’s Mansion 3, Just Dance and Mario Kart Deluxe 8 all available in bundles.

If you’re on the hunt for a new phone then look at the Doro 5516 for £14.50 per month for 24 months, no upfront cost and you get a free Nintendo Switch Neon Console. Carphone Warehouse is also offering a free Nintendo Switch Lite with selected phone contracts. Fonehouse also a range of phone deals where you get a free Nintendo Switch thrown in.

We’ll be updating this page in real time with the latest best Nintendo Switch Black Friday weekend deals right through to Cyber Monday – so bookmark the page to stay in the loop.

Best Black Friday Nintendo Switch deals

Before we even get to the bundles and prices if you’re looking for a phone you can get a free Nintendo Switch through to Cyber Monday. Fonehouse has a few enticing deals, Carphone Warehouse too. Here are other top picks for Black Friday and Cyber Monday:

Nintendo Switch was the one to watch last year, and it was the most searched for item across Amazon on Prime Day so the brands are able to keep prices around the same mark. There isn’t too much variation in prices between the retailers. Accessories are also on offer, which we’ve highlighted below along with deals you can buy now, tips on what to look for and bundle offers.

Note: All the Currys PC World deals come with a 6-month Spotify subscription free

Best Black Friday Nintendo Switch Lite deals

If you just want the console, eBay is selling the  Nintendo Switch Lite for £168. John Lewis and Amazon have it for £179.

The Nintendo Switch Lite usually costs £199 ($199 in the US) without games. For such a new product the discounts aren’t that mind blowing, but there are some out there. It’s also worth considering whether the Lite is a better option for you, at £100 less than the standard Nintendo Switch it could prove popular but its a hand held device.

We’ve rounded up some of the best bundles out there:

Nintendo Switch game deals

Anyone who gets a console probably wants a game or two. There are a few Nintendo Switch game deals out there, but FIFA 19 is a steal at 79p.

Nintendo Switch Lite

Who has the best price on Nintendo switch?

The price keeps changing, but Amazon, John Lewis, Currys, Argos, AO.com, GAME and eBay all offer deals on the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite. We’ll update this page with their deals as they are announced. The Switch is going for around £279 at the moment, and the Nintendo Switch Lite for £168.

Nintendo Switch v Nintendo Switch Lite?

The major difference between the Nintendo Switch Lite and the original Nintendo Switch is that the Switch Lite is a handheld device, meaning it’s more compact and 100 grams lighter. While the Switch Lite is easier to carry around and cheaper, the newer Switch, with its improved battery, still makes it the better option of the two.

The Switch Lite also plays all the same games as the Switch. If the game on the Switch Lite requires motion controls or removable controllers, you can still play as long as you’ve bought compatible wireless controllers, like the Joy-Cons, and they are linked with your handheld system.

Nintendo Switch Black Friday and Cyber Monday bundles

Amazon’s Nintendo Switch bundle deals page has a range of offers with Legend of Zelda: Links Awakening, Luigi’s Mansion 3, Just Dance and Mario Kart Deluxe 8 are all available in bundles as well as Pokemon: Let’s Go Pickachu.

If you see a bundle for £300 with a few other bits added in like accessories and software that’s also a pretty good deal. US shoppers will see the Switch around the $299 mark.

If you look for bundles with third-party games, like Crash Team Racing, Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate and NBA 2k20 you may get a few thrown in for about the same price. We’ve highlighted some of the best bundles at the top of this article.

Keep an eye out for Nintendo Switch bundles with either of the new versions of Pokemon RPG, like this deal on Nintendo Switch and Pokemon Shield. They are quite new, so any discount is good. Amazon’s Nintendo Switch bundles page has offers with Legend of Zelda: Links Awakening, Just Dance, Luigi’s Mansion 3, Pokemon: Let’s Go Pickachu and Mario Kart Deluxe 8 are all available in bundle deals.

Nintendo Switch
Nintendo Switch

Black Friday weekend Nintendo Switch accessories deals

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller


This can be costly, it’s Pro after all. The price sits around £54.99 so bear that in mind when looking for a deal. Very sells the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller for £49.99 down from £54.99 already, Amazon has it for £51.99 in black.

Nintendo Switch controller £27.99

The wireless pro controller is compatible with the Nintendo Switch and is Amazon’s Choice.


Nintendo Joy Cons
Nintendo Joy Cons

Getting a pair of Joy-cons is a great idea on Black Friday weekend. Having the extras means you can play 4–player games like Mario Kart. They do cost a bit though – £64.99 normally. Look out for extra controllers in bundles and offers too. Amazon has the Joy-con pair for £64.80, while Argos has the pair in grey for £69.99.

Micro SD cards

The SanDisk Ultra 200GB is one of the best Nintendo Switch SD Cards available right now. It may not be the biggest but it does give you quite a bit of space at the price. Get it at Amazon (£18.99), and eBay (£35). If you’re looking for a cheaper option then the SanDisk Ultra 32GB may be better. Get it at Amazon (£4.79), eBay (£4.55). In terms of value Samsung’s 64GB Evo Plus is a safe bet. Get it from Amazon (£9.99) or Argos (£21.99).

Wondering if you need one? If you’re not going to max the consoles 32GB internal memory then no. If you’re going to be adding new games and digital downloads then yes you probably should invest in an SD card.

Switch Online

Nintendo Switch Online is similar to PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live Gold. You pay a monthly subscription to access additional features for the Nintendo Switch. The benefit is mainly being able to play games online. There are a few extras too, like a library of classic NES games, which is added to. SNES games are also free with 20 titles confirmed. It also means you can backup your data on the cloud.

Nintendo Switch Online comes in a 12-month Membership (17.99)  or 3-month membership (£6.99). The 12-month comes as a family (£31.49) or individual membership too.

There’s plenty of other accessories like the Nintendo Labo at Amazon, John Lewis was £44.99 now £9.99, or the Nintendo Store for £34.99 – all come with different kits. Look out for cases for the Switch and chargers. Amazon has the Nintendo Switch case with the hard shell for £7.98 currently, while GAME has the Slim Travel case for £14.99.

What is a good deal on Nintendo Switch?

All these prices may sound a little steep still for a games console that was first released in March 2017. While that’s true Nintendo isn’t a fan of discounting its own products so it isn’t going to slash prices. The real wins are with the online retailers bundling up games in there too.

Nintendo Switch is a top selling console too so there isn’t massive need to drop prices, but if you keep your eye out you can snap up a great deal still.

This year is also possibly the last year Nintendo isn’t faced with huge competition. PS5 and Xbox Project Scarlett are both on their way at the latter end of 2020. That also means if you’re not settled on the Switch take a look at the PS4 Slim deals and Xbox One S deals as they’ll see a nice price drop over Black Friday in anticipation of the newer models hitting the shelves. Both could sell at under £200.

Is the newer Nintendo Switch better?

Then there’s also the Pro. There’s been a lot of rumours about its existence but no sign of the Nintendo Pro. With the new version of the Switch out it also seems unlikely anytime soon. The new version has a longer-lasting battery, but you’ll have to pay attention to know the difference when shopping.


The old version is HAC-001, the box has a hand grabbing the console. The new model is HAC-001(01) with an all-red background and sans hand.


The price is the same, so check you’re getting the new model when buying the Switch. Remember to check bundles just in case the old model crops up too.

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