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Final Fantasy 16 release date – trailer, story and news

It feels like a very different game this time around

final fantasy 16

Final Fantasy is one of those gaming series that never shows signs of slowing down and now we have official confirmation that another one is on the way for the PlayStation 5, the 16th main game in the franchise.


While this is great news for Sony fans, those who own an Xbox and plan to buy the Xbox Series X were less than thrilled when they were greeted with the words ‘console exclusive’ – meaning that one large chunk of the gaming community may not be able to get there hands on it without buying a whole new console, a costly investment if you do so just to play one game.

Here is all we know so far about Final Fantasy 16.

When is the Final Fantasy 16 release date?

It is still early days for news about a release date for Final Fantasy 16 as the game has only just been officially announced. With both next-generation consoles now having a release date, we hope that more news on this will be revealed in the near future.

Although when we say near, it has been said that the next big batch of information for the game will be in 2021 – here’s hoping they mean early that year.

What platforms can I get Final Fantasy 16 on?

Final Fantasy 16 will be available on the next-generation consoles the PS5 as a console exclusive. But as for that console exclusive point, things are a bit murky. Reports have since emerged that this may well be a timed-exclusive with us hearing that it will just be for 12 months. An Xbox release is expected after that as previous games have released on both consoles, but it would be nice if we had some clarity on it.

Things get even murkier when it comes to the supposed PC release. At the event, it was clearly mentioned that it would also be available on PC but since then, there has been a strange backtrack and now there is little to no mention of it happening. We assume it will still be released on that platform but as for when, and why the announcement was taken back, we don’t yet know.

What is the Final Fantasy 16 story?

final fantasy 16 gameplay

“The legacy of the crystals has shaped our history for long enough”.

Looking quite similar to Game of Thrones in style, we thought that was Winterfell for a moment, details surrounding the story are being mostly kept under wraps for now, but we do know that crystals are a key part to the story and there will be plenty of conflict for the characters featured, as we would expect.

We also know that Shiva and Titan summons are still part of the furniture and that there is a boy called Joshua who will be a key player in the events that take place. It appears as though he is a “Dominant”; or a human vessel for a summon.

Final Fantasy 16 gameplay

final fantasy

Final Fantasy is an open-world action role-playing game and that is still the case, going off what little we have seen, with the latest game. But there is not a huge amount more we can say at this point given how early we are into the news of its existence.

From the little we did see, look for battles in the game to be frantic and fast-paced, with the usual mix of violence and magic being a key part of surviving fights against the various enemies that you will come up against.

Can I pre-order Final Fantasy 16?

Not just yet. As the game was only officially announced yesterday, we do not even have the release date yet, let alone when we can pre-order it. It is a hotly anticipated game though so we expect to get more details on this in the near future and we will update this page when we know more.

Is there a trailer for Final Fantasy 16?

There certainly is and it is such a good one that it was chosen to open up the PS5 Showcase event. Here is what viewers were treated to and we have to say, this sure does look like an impressive addition to the long-running series.

If you are looking to buy older versions of the Final Fantasy series, you can pick up Final Fantasy 15 at Amazon for £21.99 on PlayStation 4 or you buy it on Amazon for £24.80 on Xbox One.


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