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Will the Xbox Series X be on sale on Black Friday? Series X price and deals

It's the most powerful console ever - so will it get a discount?

Xbox Series X

This year more than ever, Black Friday deals are great for snagging a cheap console – and it seems, thanks to the latest lockdown England has been placed into, that online will be one of the only places go to grab a bargain.


We expect the usual great deals on current consoles, games, and accessories, but we have a whole new generation of gaming to enjoy now  namely the Xbox Series X and PS5 and there are plenty of games to be found in the Black Friday sales to enjoy on your shiny new device.

We know there will be some great PS4 Black Friday deals and Xbox One savings too and we will keep track of all the best that we can find. So keep the relevant pages bookmarked and keep checking back for the best gaming deals out there as we continue to update over the whole Black Friday weekend.

When will the Xbox Series X launch?

The new Microsoft console launched on 10th November 2020 and you can see what is inside the Xbox Series X box and check out our Xbox Series X review.

How much does Xbox Series X cost?

The Xbox Series X console costs £449 here in the UK and $499 stateside. There is also a more affordable alternative version of the new console which will be called the Xbox Series S – although do not expect it to hit the same technical heights as the main unit. This console retails at the lower price point of £249/$299.

Will the Xbox Series X be on offer on Black Friday?

Xbox (Getty)
Xbox (Getty)

While the launch of the Xbox Series X launched close to Black Friday itself, don’t expect too drastic a discount – especially if stock is limited after disruption from COVID-19 – with the greatest deals likely to be found on the Xbox Series X games themselves.

We have already seen the consoles vanish quickly from shopping websites as demand has been so huge and if the latest generation does end up in a sale – we imagine it would the Series S rather than the X over this weekend.

Keep an eye out for older models such as the Xbox One as retailers attempt to shift older stock – last year the Xbox One S went for as low as £99 on eBay, which is one hell of a saving.

If you can’t wait, both versions of the next-gen console were available to pre-order on various sites, and a few retailers have released new stock after launch day – although it is already hard to find one again. Amazon had stock and should have more on the way, as should the likes of Very and Currys PC WorldSmyths and John Lewis have had consoles available too and they both say that more are incoming.

Games you can buy for the Xbox Series X

assassins creed valhalla

Now that Black Friday has arrived, we’ve been seeing some great deals on a range of video games across a range of devices, including the Xbox. Here are our favourite offers so far or you can see more Black Friday game deals too.

Xbox One deals

Maybe you are yet to join the Xbox world and are considering investing an older console rather than the brand spanking new one. If so, here are some deals for the Xbox One deals that you may be interested in. And, we’d suggest keeping an eye on this page too.


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