Pokémon Go just added some new safety warnings

It’s a great game but it’s not worth injuring yourself/getting arrested over okay guys


Pokémon Go has added updated safety warnings to try to keep its players out of harm’s way…


They all seem like pretty good life mantras regardless of whether you’re playing the game or not.

“Do not trespass while playing Pokémon Go.”

“Do not play Pokémon Go while driving.”

“Do not enter dangerous areas while playing Pokémon Go.”

Despite their screaming obviousness, the safety warnings are justified.

Just last week teenagers had to be rescued from a rising tide in Somerset while hunting for Pokémon. People have also claimed that Uber drivers are playing the game on the job, and one woman even had to be rescued after she climbed a tree trying to catch ‘em all in New Jersey. 

It looks like the update has come with risks of its own, though…

Hundreds of Pokémon Go fans have expressed outrage on Twitter after the update reset their games, wiping out weeks of Pokémon catching. 


Don’t say I didn’t warn you…