George Takei learned to play Pokémon Go and live-streamed the entire thing

The Star Trek actor took to Central Park to get to grips with the gaming phenomenon


If you’ve found yourself wondering about all “this Pokémon Go business” over the past month, then this video is for you.


George Takei – actor and Star Trek veteran – had pondered the very same thing ever since the Niantic game went viral and decided to find out what all the fuss was about. 

Enlisting a friend to explain the ins and outs of Pokéstops, Pokédex, Pokéballs and so on, the 79-year-old dressed in head-to-toe Pokémon and took to Central Park, armed with the app.

He filmed his entire 19-minute quest on Facebook Live and, needless to say, it’s brilliant, packed with very literal statements – “I just called what is called a Bulbasaur because he’s supposed to be green and I like green” – and tips for the makers of the game: “I think there should be a little bit of history and context to historic buildings we might come across.”


If you’re stuck for something to do this Sunday, we guarantee this is 19 minutes very well spent: