When you first think of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you probably think of shoppers hunting for TV deals or other tech and gadgets, but pretty much all types of products and services now see their prices slashed during the shopping event. This year, we're seeing increased demand for Black Friday flight deals and Black Friday theatre tickets, but we'd encourage you not to overlook train tickets.


As train fares seem to get more and more expensive, it's not surprising that rail tickets and Railcards are very popular during Black Friday. In fact, Trainline offers one of the most exciting Black Friday sales out there, and discounts on Railcards were one of the most popular deals last year.

Clearly, Trainline is anticipating the same in 2022. The site hosted a countdown to Black Friday, bringing all the fun of New Year's Eve to Black Friday. Unlike many other brands, Trainline waited until yesterday, Black Friday itself, to launch its deals. The deals are still available today and with Railcard discounts and fares for under a tenner, we think they are well worth the wait!

When we're putting together best lists on our Going Out page to recommend the top experiences up and down the country, we're always mindful of how you travel to them. We've considered the cost of petrol, coaches, and other methods of transport, and with a Railcard, travelling by train is often the cheapest choice. Don't just take our word for it, let's take a look.

But first, just a bit of advice from us – there are train strikes scheduled throughout November 2022, December 2022 and January 2023, so make sure you check before you travel and try to plan your journeys around the strike days to avoid your trip being disrupted.

Here are the best deals to be found at Trainline this Black Friday, helping you save today and beyond.

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Black Friday Railcard deals: save £20 and get £15 off your first journey

Having a Railcard is the best way to save money on train tickets all year round. There's a wide range to choose from mostly depending on age. We recommend that you buy three years at once, which usually means you can save £20 on the price. Since they cost £30, that's nearly a whole year for free.

For Black Friday you can also get £15 off your first journey with your new railcard. You'll get a personal discount code once you've bought the code, and you'll be free to use it on a journey to wherever you want. Just make sure you make use of the code before the end of December 2022.

Buy a Railcard and save £15 on a journey at Trainline


Whether you want to make a saving on a one-off trip, maybe a city break or a trip to the seaside, or you want to find a deal on the commute you make every day, we want to make sure you save some money. Tickets at the lowest prices do tend to sell out quickly, so act fast so you don't miss out.

Here are the most popular train journeys that people have booked in the past to check on Black Friday.

London to Manchester from £22.80

This is a very popular journey, especially as people head home to family and loved ones for the festive season. A two-hour journey, getting to Manchester by train can be very expensive, but you can now get tickets from as little as £22.80 for a single. We even spotted a ticket available for £16.70 but it was very early in the morning!

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Buy tickets from London to Manchester at Trainline

Birmingham to London from £6.40

To travel over 100 miles for under £7 on the train is a pretty great deal. Tickets can cost over £30 typically, especially when purchased last minute, so make sure you act fast to secure your ticket at the lowest possible price.

Buy tickets from Birmingham to London at Trainline

London to Edinburgh from £26.90

This is one of the longer train journey you can do at high speed in the UK. Of course there are much longer ones – we're looking at you, Aberdeen to Penzance – but you'd be hard pressed to find such a long journey at this low price.

Tickets from London to Edinburgh can easily stretch into triple figures, so if you're planning a trip to Scotland this is a perfect deal for you.

Buy tickets from London to Edinburgh at Trainline

Leeds to Scarborough from £10.20

Whether you're heading for a day trip away or a weekend by the sea, you can now reach the famous Scarborough Seafront at a seriously low cost. The journey from Leeds to Scarborough normally take about 1 hour and 20 minutes, and you'll be travelling on the TransPennine Express.

Buy tickets from Leeds to Scarborough at Trainline

London to Brighton from £5.50

If you fancy a day down by the sea, exploring the shops in the Lanes and eating fish and chips on the beach, this is the deal for you.

Train journeys to Brighton from London typically take around an hour and a half, and can cost up to £20, which makes this a really great deal.

Buy tickets from London to Brighton at Trainline

More Black Friday train ticket deals

Save 50% on your Carte Avantage

Black Friday train carte avantage deal

Planning a trip to France soon? We recommend you take advantage of this Black Friday deal. This SNCF's Black Friday offer means you can get a Carte Avantage discount card for only €24.50 instead of €49.

And you'll get to save 50% whether you buy a Carte Avantage Jeune (for anyone aged 12-27), Carte Avantage Adulte (for anyone aged 27-59) or Carte Avantage Senior (for anyone aged 60+).

Benefits of having a Carte Avantage include 30% off INOUI and INTERCITÉS TGV journeys, 60% discount for children aged 4 to 11 and capped Second Class ticket prices.

Get 50% off a Carte Avantage at Trainline now


We're here to make sure you get the best savings this Black Friday. Planning to travel further afield? Check out our guide to the best holiday and flight deals. If you're looking for ways to save money on a trip to London, take a look at our round-up of the best theatre tickets on sale for Black Friday.