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The 7 most wished for deals this Black Friday by the UK public

We've crunched the data to bring you the most popular products and deals for Black Friday 2021.

Black Friday deals in demand

After another year like no other, we’ve been keeping our fingers on the pulse of what’s popular this Black Friday. Will this Black Friday be different to last year? What’s on the UK public’s Christmas lists for 2021?


By tapping in Google Trends data, these are questions we can answer. We’ve crunched the numbers to bring you the most popular products and brands so far for Black Friday 2021 in the UK.

7 of the most wanted Black Friday deals in 2021 (so far)

The below includes the biggest rising trends in UK consumer search behaviour this November. In other words, where we’ve seen a significant rise in Google searches around particular products in the lead up to Black Friday 2021. Throughout the month, the likes of Amazon, Argos, Currys and Boots have been in fairly high demand. Retailer-wise, we’ve also seen pretty high interest in Pretty Little Thing, EE and Pandora.

This week, we’re also noticing an increase in search interest around Black Friday holiday deals and searches for British Airways, TUI and Easyjet, which are all offering travel or flight discounts. But what about those rising product trends? Let’s get started.


Samsung smart TV deal Black Friday

First up, we have TVs. As huge TV fans, we can’t say we’re surprised. Black Friday is always one of the most popular times of year to buy a new TV.

Now, we know the world of TV-buying has become increasingly more complicated. Is a bigger screen always better? What does QLED mean? And what on earth is NanoCell? To help you find the right TV this Black Friday, we spoke to TV expert Steve May, who points you in the right direction in our Black Friday TV guide. Here are a few of the best TV deals right now:


iPad Pro 2021 review

We can’t say we’re at all shocked to see iPad deals in high demand this Black Friday, either. Black Friday tends to be one of the first times new generations of iPads see small discounts or previous generations see bigger price drops. This is because Apple has a habit of launching new products in September of each year. In their ‘California Streaming’ event on 14th September, we welcomed a new iPad and the iPad mini 6. The latest iPad Pro was introduced earlier this year and received a full five stars in our iPad Pro review.

The best iPad deals so far? Sure, you can grab the odd £50 off here and there, but for the bigger price drops, you’re looking at the premium Pro models (and the higher storage versions).

Dyson Supersonic hairdryer and Dyson Airwrap Black Friday deals

Dyson Supersonic Black Friday

Next, it’s Dyson’s Supersonic hairdryer. It’s a market leader, and just like the Airwrap and their range of cordless vacuum cleaners, it’s always high in demand come Black Friday. It’s not hard to see why Dyson’s products are expensive. Yet, the general consensus is that they are well worth the price tag. This year, we’ve not yet spotted any Dyson haircare deals, sadly. If you don’t want to stump up the £299.99 for the Supersonic, it might be worth looking at competitor Shark’s hairdryer offering.

The Shark STYLE iQ hairdryer is a decent, albeit slightly less premium, alternative which is currently on sale for £179.99, down from its usual RRP of £299.99. Generally, the Supersonic seems to inch it in terms of specs, but the Shark STYLE iQ has been praised for intuitively selecting the optimum heat and airflow settings for each of its attachments.

Ring Doorbells

Ring Doorbell Black Friday

Amazon’s own products always see major price cuts for Black Friday, just like for their own Prime Day. But we have to say, the demand for Ring Doorbell has surprised us a little. It’s certainly not as glamorous as the Dyson Supersonic, nor does it have an extremely high RRP, but you can’t argue with the discounts this product is seeing. If you’re not familiar, the Ring is a video doorbell that allows you to chat with who’s on the doorstep. It also sends you a notification when it detects motion outside your front door.


Black Friday perfume deals

A pricey purchase and a popular Christmas gift choice, we can see why perfume Black Friday deals have been high in demand so far this November. Boots was one of the very first major UK retailers to launch their Black Friday deals this year, which may have added to the search interest.

These retailers are offering the discounts on perfume this year:

Apple Watches

PRODUCT RED Apple Watch 6

Just like iPads, we’re often treated to a new Apple Watch in Apple’s September event. This year, Apple unveiled the Apple Watch 7. Naturally, this increases demand for the smartwatch more generally come November, but eagle-eyed bargain hunters will also be searching for its predecessor, the Apple Watch 6, in the sales. In our Apple Watch 7 vs Apple Watch 6 comparison, we actually found the differences to be fairly small. Therefore, the Apple Watch 6 is still a really solid choice. Alternatively, the Fitbit Versa 2 and Fitbit Versa 3 are also seeing discounts.

Amazon is currently winning the award for the best Black Friday Apple Watch deal so far. You do need to love the red version, though:

How do this year’s Black Friday trends compare to last year?

In October 2020, over 6,600 people googled ‘is Black Friday cancelled?’, but of course, it certainly wasn’t! For most, the high street was off-limits last November, meaning many turned to online shopping to finish (or start) ticking off their Christmas list.

Looking back at last year’s stats, search gurus SEMRush recorded laptops, TVs and microwaves as the most in-demand product groups globally. No surprises here, but the Ps4 and Ps5 were also among hottest products. PlayStation consoles were in high demand alongside the Nintendo Switch (which was frequently out of stock in the UK last year after the surge in demand for Animal Crossing during lockdown 1.0) and Apple’s AirPods.

On Black Friday 2020 itself, Google Trends recorded the largest surge in demands for the following brands and products:

Throughout the entire month of November, top brands were Currys, Amazon, Argos, Apple, Boots, John Lewis and Tesco. We’re seeing much of the same this year, too.

With Black Friday officially taking place this Friday 26th November, we’re likely to see yet more new deals and discounts drop. We’ll keep you posted on all the best offers and latest trends.

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For the latest savings, follow our Black Friday deals coverage, and don’t forget that most retailers will continue their deals until Cyber Monday 2021, on Monday 29th November.