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Best Black Friday SIM only phone deals: iD Mobile, Three, VOXI, more

iD Mobile is offering a fantastic SIM only deal packing a whopping 100GB of data. Read on to get the lowdown on the deal.

SIM-only plans are great for unlocked handsets.

The Black Friday sales are here, and they’ve brought a tidal wave of new SIM-only deals with them. So, if you need a new phone plan but not a new handset, there are some great deals to take advantage of in the seasonal sales.


There are plenty of Black Friday deals on offer from the likes of Three, Tesco Mobile and EE, and many sales will stretch until Cyber Monday 2021.  At this time of year, there are always notable deals on display, offering bags of data and some interesting perks. Read on for a selection of the best bargains and bundles, plus the lowdown on how to find them.

Our favourite deal right now? iD Mobile is offering a stand-out deal, including 100GB of data for just £12 a month, on a 24-month contract.

That’s just overtaken previous Black Friday leading light Three, offering 100GB, unlimited texts and minutes deal for £16 per month. This price includes a £5 discount for paying by direct debit.

If you just want the cheapest deal possible, with a little bit of data, then GiffGaff is offering 15GB per month, on a rolling monthly basis, for just £10.

Smarty has a particularly strong offer of £16 per month for unlimited data, calls and texts for one year. And since we last updated this page, Tesco Mobile has dropped selected SIM-only prices further for Clubcard members. VOXI is offering 20GB of EU roaming data and Endless Social Media (unlimited) with its SIM-only deals, which start at 15GB.

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Don’t miss 50GB data and Endless Social Media for £15 per month in VOXI’s Black Friday sale

Love Instagram? You can enjoy unlimited social media use without eating into your monthly data allowance with VOXI. Voice and video calls aren’t included, but with 50GB of data per month, you should have more than enough to cover a few chats.

With this plan, up to 20GB of roaming data usage is included for trips to Europe. So there’s no need to wait to get those snaps on the ‘gram.

For just £15, this is a cracking Black Friday deal from VOXI.

Shop VOXI’s Black Friday sale

Best Black Friday SIM-only deals

It’s now pretty standard to expect unlimited texts and minutes on SIM-only plans. Therefore, it will be the amount of data that you need that will affect how much you’ll spend. Also, be sure to check on the length of the SIM-only contract. We’ve split the deals between 12 and 24 months below, plus those on a reoccurring monthly contract. A 24-month contract will generally be cheaper than the equivalent 12-month package from the same provider.

Every deal below includes unlimited texts and minutes. Some contracts are seeing price cuts, but for some deals, you’ll see an increased amount of data thrown in for the old, existing monthly cost.

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12-month Black Friday SIM-only deals

Best low data deals – 30GB or less:

Best medium data deals – 31GB to 100GB

  • O2: 100GB data, £20 per month, plus an Extra of your choice, such as six months of Disney+ or 12 months of Calm Premium
  • Vodafone (via Mobiles.co.uk): 100GB data, £7 per month (after cashback)

Best unlimited data deals:

  • Three: £20 per month
  • Tesco Mobile: £30 per month
  • O2: £33 per month, plus an Extra of your choice, such as six months of Disney+ or 12 months of Calm Premium

24-month Black Friday SIM-only deals

Best low data deals – 30GB or less:

  • O2: 5GB data, £10 per month, plus a one-month free Disney+ subscription

Best medium data deals – 31GB to 150GB

  • O2: 60GB data, £16 per month, plus an Extra of your choice, such as six months of Disney+ or 12 months of Calm Premium
  • Three: 100GB data, £16 per month (if paying by direct debit)
  • EE: 150GB data, £20 per month (plus get Britbox or Apple Music free for six months)
  • iD Mobile: 100GB data, £12 per month

Best unlimited data deals:

  • Tesco Mobile: £25 per month (or just £20 per month if you’re a Tesco Clubcard member)
  • O2: £30 per month, plus an Extra of your choice, such as six months of Disney+ or 12 months of Calm Premium
  • Vodafone: £15 per month (half price for six months, £30 from month 7)
  • Three: £10 per month (half price for six months, £20 from month 7)

Monthly Black Friday SIM-only deals

  • giffgaff: 10GB 15GB data, £10 per month
  • giffgaff: 25GB 30GB data, £15 per month
  • VOXI: 50GB data, £15 per month (plus 20GB EU roaming data)
  • Smarty: 50GB 100GB, £15 per month (double data for one year)
  • Smarty: unlimited data, £20 £16 per month (price for 12 months)
  • Smarty: 4GB data, £6 per month

Which Black Friday SIM-only sales have already started?

Here are some of the top retailers to go to for SIM-only deals:

  • giffgaff: Black Friday deals live
  • Three: Black Friday deals live
  • Mobiles.co.uk: Black Friday deals live
  • ID Mobile
  • Tesco Mobile: Black Friday deals live
  • Smarty: Black Friday deals live
  • O2: Black Friday deals live
  • Virgin Media: Black Friday deals live
  • Sky Mobile: Black Friday deals live
  • EE: Official Black Friday sale not yet live, but plenty of great deals available
  • BT: BT now partners with EE for mobile
  • Lebara: Black Friday deals live
  • VOXI: Black Friday deals live (new!)
  • Vodafone: Black Friday deals live
  • Smarty: SIM-only deals live
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How to get good SIM-only deals on Black Friday

When pairing a phone with an independently bought sim card, the first and most important thing is making sure that your phone is “unlocked” to the network you are joining. Phones bought outright of a phone contract – for example, from retailers such as Argos, Currys, John Lewis or Very – are generally always unlocked.

  • Don’t rely on one site, network or retailer. Shopping around is the most important part of Black Friday bargain hunting. Don’t get fixated on one network or retailer. Instead, visit the sites of as many as you possibly can.
  • Research different networks. Different networks have different USPs. For example, if you’re a social media fan, you might want to take a look at the social media-focused network, Voxi, which offers social media use for free (i.e. it doesn’t chew through your data). Or, if you love to travel, it’s worth checking out which networks have the lowest roaming charges around the EU or further, or for less situations where roaming charges are applied.
  • Check social media. Some deals may be teased on social media during big sale events ahead of their appearance on online stores. Keep an eye out.
  • Sign up for newsletters like ours! Retailers and phone networks sometimes promote deals by newsletters. And be sure to also sign up for ours below:

What SIM-only offers were there last year?

Last year there were deals across all the main networks, and many of the smaller providers, too, with 5G connectivity offered almost across the board.

The aforementioned social media savvy network, Voxi, offered a 15GB data plan with “endless social media” and 5G for just £10 a month. The deal also included unlimited UK calls and texts. It turned out to be a real Black Friday bargain.

Meanwhile, EE offered a huge 5G-ready 160GB data plan with unlimited texts and calls for £20 per month, with a 24-month contract. The deal also included six months of Britbox, Apple Music and MTV Play bundled in – a very nice touch.

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