Best TV deals from Argos on Black Friday 2019

The top TV deals from Argos available on Black Friday 2019

LONDON - JANUARY 8:  People walk past retail chain Argos January 8, 2003 in London. Big name retailers have reported slow sales before Christmas, which continues despite retailers' efforts at promoting 2003 sales. Overall European consumer confidence fell to a 5 1/2-year low this month amid the rise in the unemployment rate and layoffs from large European companies.  (Photo by John Li/Getty Images)

Looking for a brand new TV at a big discount? You’ve come to the right place.


Here you’ll find the best TV deals from Argos – but before you browse make sure you know what all the essential tech stuff means (and read our article explaining it if you’re not sure).

You should also feel free to take a look at our top TVs from the whole of 2019 so you’ve got something to compare Argos’s discounts with – and if you’re looking for a laptop, phone or tablet as well as a new TV, be sure to check out our favourite deals on Argos for all those items too.


Now you’ve done that, here are our favourite Argos TV deals available on Black Friday 2019…