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Best smart speaker deals ahead of Black Friday

Get more for your money with these smart speaker deals.

best smart speaker deals

Smart speakers offer the opportunity to do a lot more than just listen to music, but these added features – such as voice control, reminders and news updates – often come with a higher price tag.


Luckily, during Amazon Prime Day and Black Friday, smart home technology is an area that regularly sees discounts, with some prices even slashed in half. There is also Cyber Monday on the way that puts a heavy focus on the technology side of things. But, it’s not always possible to wait for these major events to come around.

To tide you over, we have lined up the best deals we could find right now to give you a taste of what is to come – and save you some money in the meantime.

The most popular smart speakers include Amazon’s Echo range and Google Home, though you can also buy smart offerings from audio specialists like Bose and Sonos. You will find a little bit of everything below.

If it is a particular brand you are after, head over to our round-ups of the best Google Home deals and best Amazon Echo deals.

But, if you’d prefer to see all the offers in one place, here is our pick of the best smart speaker deals. 

What do smart speakers do?

Many things. Obviously, the primary usage is to play music but many have their own features and quirks that make them a worthy investment. They can be alarm clocks, they can play your favourite audiobooks, tell you the weather, update you on sports scores, give you the latest news- the list is endless.

Best smart speaker deals ahead of Black Friday 2020

Amazon Echo smart speakers deals

Amazon Echo deals

Powered by AI voice assistant Alexa, the Amazon Echo range allows users to turn music on and off with their voice, as well as making hands-free calls, getting news updates and setting reminders. The most popular smart speaker is the compact Echo Dot, though the original Amazon Echo offers 360° Dolby-quality audio. If you’re more visual, you may prefer the massive 10-inch screen of the Echo Show.

The latest version of the Echo is coming out this month and is now a sleek looking circular design. The older version is hard to find now but we still have the links to where you can get one below, as well as where you can preorder the new one.

Amazon Echo 

Amazon Echo Dot

Amazon Echo Show

Google Home smart speakers deals

Google Home deals

Play your favourite Spotify playlist, get news updates and control various smart home devices with a Google Home speaker. It is also a multi-user speaker so various members of the family can use it to schedule their days and Google Assistant should be able to identify who’s speaking and respond with their individual calendar.

Google Home

Google Nest Mini 

Google Nest Hub

Sonos smart speakers deals

Sonos speaker

Sonos speakers have both Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa built-in so that you can turn music on with a simple voice command. You can pair speakers for a bigger sound and you are also able to control your other smart devices with these speakers without the need of another smart hub.

Sonos One

Sonos Move

Bose smart speakers deals

Bose speakers

With Bose speakers, there are three ways to control the sound – with your voice, with the touch controls or via the Bose Music app. Like Sonos, Google Assistant and Alexa are in-built and Bose have a custom-designed microphone array that should ensure your commands are heard no matter how loud the music  or from what direction you are talking.

Bose Home Speaker 500

Bose Home Speaker 300

Bose Portable Home Speaker