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Ashes of Creation release date - trailer, story and latest news

Get ready to enter an ever-changing world.

Published: Thursday, 3rd September 2020 at 5:30 pm

If you are a big fan of MMORPG's, then you will likely have already heard of Ashes of Creation- a sprawling ever-expanding RPG that is set to take up a lot of time for video games fans when it eventually gets a full release.


The game has been in the testing stage for some time as it works to perfect things and whilst some players have been a part of that, there are still many of us waiting for the full version to really sink our teeth into what the world has to offer.

Here’s everything we know so far about Ashes of Creation.

When is the Ashes of Creation release date?

ashes of creation

While we still do not know the actual date we will see the full game, many gamers have already been playing thanks to the numerous tests that have been done on the various aspects of the game, dating back to late 2017. The most recent was in May of this year with another, Alpha 1, planned for later in the year. Expect more details for that to be announced soon.

What platforms can I get Ashes of Creation on?

As things currently stand, this is a game for Windows PC only and while there are no plans for that to change just yet, the developers have said they are open to the possibility of porting the game over to consoles in the future. Being a Microsoft game, look for this to be Xbox only if that does happen.

What is the Ashes of Creation about?

ashes of creation graphics

As per the official synopsis: Ashes of Creation is a unique take on the MMO experience. The world structure is dynamic and built to react to the actions of the players. Cities will rise and fall, their populations based on the history of the world as the players create it. Quests will unlock as these populations gather, their needs grow, and secrets are unlocked. As the world’s NPC structure is established in real-time, players will have the ability to destroy what they’ve created, paving the way for new development, new populations, and real change. Political strife and intrigue will play a very real role in the structure of the world. Gone are the days of static worlds, change is here to stay.

Ashes of Creation gameplay

ashes creation

With MMORPG games, or massively multiplayer online role-playing games if you want the full term, are growing more popular than ever, Ashes of Creation is looking to its peers as it creates its world, incorporating some of the best elements from other games and combining them all into one package.

An enticing prospect for fans of the genre, Ashes of Creation will open up more and give players new things to do the further they go into the game and the more they collect XP. A node system will be in place to help with progression and the map will get larger and larger the more you play. An ever-expanding game, expect to lose many hours playing this one.

Can I pre-order Ashes of Creation?

Not yet, but you can register your interest to be one of the Ashes of Creation testers for the next wave of Alpha testing which is due later in the year.

Is there a trailer for Ashes of Creation?

There are many, but here is one of the more recent trailers to be released that show off the world.


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