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Get Amazon Prime Video Channels for just 99p a month with this offer

What can you watch at a bargain price after the free trial ends?

amazon channels offer

If you are familiar with the wealth of content that Prime Video has to offer, and there really are a lot of TV and movies on there, you will likely have seen a selection of channels that have even more material on there to while away the hours.


But with so many channels to choose from, all with their own cost attached, you would be forgiven for not trying them out yet. Each of them does have a free trial, normally 30 days, but again, with such a wide selection, getting the most out of them in such a short space of time can be a challenge.

Sign up to Amazon Prime Video Channels for just 99p a month for 3 months

All of which is why the latest Amazon Channels deal is such a good one. You can now sign up to a selection of them for just 99p per month for three months – more than enough time to binge through all the shows and movies that they have to offer. Just make sure you have gone through the process of signing up for Amazon Prime first. This deal lasts until 14th October.

Speaking of Prime, don’t forget that there are already Prime Day deals underway. With the impending new Amazon Echo, there’s likely to be some good Prime Day deals on Amazon devices.

Here is all you need to know about Amazon Channels…

What can you watch on Prime Video Channels?

Doom Patrol
Doom Patrol

StarzPlay, Acorn TV, Discovery Channel, History Play, Crime and Investigation and BFI player are the channels that are part of this deal.

StarzPlay features such shows as the wonderfully crazy Doom Patrol, which has just been renewed for a third season, the complete five-season run of Fringe, Castle Rock and Veronica Mars. The spin-off series to Power, Power Book II: Ghost, is also on there as well as many more. Movies-wise, the list is huge but features some classics like Close Encounters, Airplane and Whiplash.

Acorn TV has a mix of originals such as London Kills and Queens of Mystery as well as older shows including Balthazar and Public Enemies.

You will know of the Discovery Channel and here you will be able to watch some of the best the network has to offer including Gold Rush, Deadliest Catch and Fast N’ Loud.

As for the History Channel, they explain what they offer best by saying they have an “entertaining and ground-breaking stories and characters, like Madness frontman Suggs who teams up with leading detectorist Stephen Taylor as they unearth secrets from the Second World War in WW2 Treasure Hunters, a crack squad of experts who go on the search for the truth in Hunting Hitler and a dedicated mission to discover what treasures could be buried in The Curse of Oak Island.”

With true crime now more popular than ever, Crime and Investigation is the channel to choose if you are addicted like we are. Offering a ton of crime stories and documentaries, you could lose hours exploring what this one has to offer.

And finally, there is the BFI player which offers some of the best movies to ever grace the silver screen. With a vast collection of critically acclaimed films to watch as part of the subscription, you can also get discounts on modern movies such as Alice and Dark Waters (both from 2019).

Other channels are not part of the deal but well worth exploring, like Shudder which is a must for horror fans and boasts one of the greatest horror movies of the year with the terrifying lockdown horror movie Host.

How does Prime Video channels work?

Very simply. Once you have signed up, you just explore the content as you would anything else on Prime Video. What you are watching gets added to your ‘watch next’ list alongside the Prime Video shows and films and it tracks your viewing just like normal. Amazon charges you monthly for the subscription and it really is that simple – subscribe and watch straight away with ease! You can also read our guide to Amazon Prime Video for more information.


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