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After the Fall release date speculation and plot

The 80s nostalgia craze hits VR

Published: Sunday, 16th February 2020 at 12:40 pm

Get your nostalgia goggles on - new VR shooter After the Fall is set in 2005, twenty years after the apocalypse, and promises to integrate all sorts of iconic 80s tech into your zombie-slaying experience. Promising to also be the largest multiplayer shooter yet on the immersive platform, this is one ambitious game from the creators of Arizona Sunshine.


Here's everything we know about this apocalyptic shooter with a twist:

When is After the Fall released?

After the Fall is scheduled to release at some point in 2020. You can sign up for the beta here.

On what consoles and platforms will After the Fall be available on?

After the Fall will be available on VR through Microsoft Windows and PSVR.

What's After the Fall about?

After the Fall is a large-scale VR action shooter yet with a multiplayer focus, allowing multiple players to fight against genetically engineered zombie mutants the Snowbreed. The game takes the Fallout approach of having the apocalypse take place in a specific time period - this time the 80s - allowing for a Stranger Things level of 80s easter eggs and homages to the influential decade.

Co-op is a key element of the game, with up to four players able to fight for humanity in what developer Vertigo Games promises to be one of the biggest VR shooters yet in a vast post-apocalyptic world.

Weapon-crafting is also a key element - a huge range of guns and close combat weapons can be upgraded with 80s-inspired technology, with the trailer showing what appears to be a walkman built into a gun.


Is there a trailer for After the Fall?

Yes - it's suitably action-packed:


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