Dell Black Friday 2020: best deals as sale begins including 50% off laptops

There are great offers on all things PC and tech at Dell for Black Friday 2020.

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Black Friday Dell deals

With working from home having made an almost-overnight transition into the ‘new normal’, lots of people are looking for a new home computer right now.


If you’re one of them, we suggest you start looking now – as there’s no better time of the year than Black Friday to go in search of a new laptop at a low price.

The tech brand has launched its Black Friday Early Access sale, in which you’ll find many laptops, PCs, gaming accessories and other products at discounted prices. On top of that, you can claim extra 12 or 15 per cent savings by entering the voucher codes BLACK12 or BLACK15, and also earn double points on each purchase if you sign up to Dell Rewards. (Each product included in the offer is clearly labelled.)

Read on, and you’ll find our pick of the best discounts on Dell laptops, PCs, headphones, monitors and other accessories. Some of the deals are coming from Dell websites, others from Currys, who always dazzles us at this time of year with the savings it offers on laptops and other devices. Indeed, if you’re in search a laptop and you’re not a Dell devotee, take a look at our Currys Black Friday page for the best of the store’s laptop deals.

Scroll further down this page, and you’ll find that we’ve answered key questions surrounding Black Friday, as well as some tips to help you pick out the perfect laptop for you. As Black Friday itself draws ever closer, we’ll be keeping this page up-to-date with the best Dell discounts out there.

Early Black Friday deals: quick links

  • Amazon – early Black Friday sale ends today, 19th November, £25 off Nintendo Switch bundles and 25% off home appliances
  • Very – Black Friday sale has begun with savings on TVs, home items and FIFA 21
  • AO – appliances including fridge freezersvacuums and coffee machines
  • Appliances Direct – savings on smart home, 35% off fridges, and up to 26% off phones (next day delivery)
  • Argos – 50% off many toys, 25% off baby and nursery and 2 for £75 on Little Tikes
  • BT – Black Friday sale starts today – 3 months free broadband and save £102 on iPhone SE
  • Carphone Warehouse – The Wait is Over sale now on with Apple, Samsung and Pixel discounted
  • CDKeys – save on games across PS4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One as well as NOW TV passes
  • Currys – early Black Friday ‘Ready, Set, Go’ sale has started, £700 off 4K LG TV (very busy due to the PS5 launch today)
  • Gtech – Black Friday sale underway with offers on vacuums and garden tools
  • JD Williams – savings on Apple products, TVs, GoPros and up to 50% off gaming
  • Sky – 50% off Sky TV packages and 30% off Superfast Broadband
  • TalkTalk – get 3 months of broadband free with selected deals (ends 2nd Dec)
  • Virgin Media – Buy Huawei P30 Lite and get Nintendo Switch free
  • O2 – iPhone deals, free Deliveroo delivery or Disney+ on selected plans
  • Menkind – early Black Friday deals on gadgets and gifts

Dell Laptop Deals

Inspiron 15 5000 Laptop

For those after a good old fashioned laptop, Dell has rolled out a set of discounts across its well-regarded Inspiron range. As you can see, most savings are pretty modest – but we’re happy to those higher discounts on the older tenth-generation Inspiron laptops.

Dell XPS Deals


The XPS line is premium for a reason, boasting the highest resolution displays, exceptional build quality, and powerful features. Some are also built in the two-in-one style and can be folded into a tablet: perfect for those who want to stream on their laptop.

Dell Gaming Laptop Deals


Dell’s gaming laptops come with ultra-fast SSDs, extensive storage, and NVIDIA GeForce discrete graphics – those all-important ingredients you need for a machine to see you through hours of gameplay. Sadly, we’re not seeing many with reduced price on Dell’s site right now, and the discounts are relatively minor. But factor in Dell’s BLACK15 promo code, which knocks a further 15% off the price, and these suddenly become more enticing deals.

We’re also seeing price drops on earlier-generation Dell gaming laptops, like the ninth-generation Dell G5 15 5000 at Amazon.

Dell Student Discounts

Students are eligible to sign up to Dell Advantage for Students, which offers up to 20 per cent off  Dell products throughout your studies. To register you’ll simply need to enter your academic e-mail address on their student page, which once validated will give you a voucher code that can be used on a wide range of Dell products.

Dell Monitor Deals


Every good desktop needs a monitor – and Dell has up to 40% off some great LED-backlit LCDs right now. We’ve also found a couple of Black Friday deals over at Amazon, too.

Dell PC Accessories Deals

Keyboards, mice, and even backpacks are on offer:

Dell Gaming Accessories Deals

Arctis 1 For Playstation

Hardcore gamers need a decent gaming PC of course, but accessories such as headphones can be the difference between life and death in online warfare. Luckily Dell has some deals to help you out in your next game of Marvel’s Avengers:

Desktop deals

Argos, TG

Despite living in the age of laptops, tablets, and high-spec smartphones, the good old fashioned desktop is still going strong, and can now fit an awful lot of power in their bulky frames. So for those who prefer the traditional PC setup, here are the best desktop deals:

Best Dell Black Friday deals 2019

Dell has had some great offers on in previous years (looks at notes), like the Dell Chromebook 11 and Dell Inspiron 15.

Here are a few Dell products to keep your eye on come Black Friday:

How to get the best Dell Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals

Dell are one of the best brands for releasing early Black Friday deals, and as you can see from the offers we’ve listed above, 2020 has proved no exception.

The brand has had deals running throughout November, so it’s definitely worth continuing to check intermittently throughout the rest of the month for savings on a particularly device that you’re interested in. We’ll keep the page up-to-date with the latest bargains we find.

Best Dell Cyber Monday deals 2020

As befitting the name, Cyber Monday is more well known for tech deals, so we expect Dell to keep a few computing bargains in their back pocket for after the weekend. As it’s the last big sales day before Christmas, Dell will likely have a few killer deals lined up for that Monday (30 November). Fingers crossed, anyway.

Last Cyber Monday saw discounts on Dell’s premium XPS range, so PC enthusiasts after a high-performance laptop may well want to wait for the online sales day.

Top tips

Check specs

Laptops don’t need ridiculously high specs to be able to perform impressive tasks these days – but do your research, and check what specs are needed for your budget and intended use.

Know the price now before it’s reduced

Retailers occasionally raise the price ahead of Black Friday so it seems like a bigger discount – make sure you know the true worth of the product you would like.

Always keep the receipt if in-store and a record if online

It’s very common to find an even better deal on the same product later on in Black Friday – so keep the receipt just in case.

Check our pages

We’ll continually update our deals pages in the lead up to Black Friday and on the big day itself – all the very best bargains in one place.

What do you need to know when buying a laptop?

There’s an awful lot of confusing acronyms and options when buying a laptop these days – we’ve broken down some of the key components:

What storage is good?

File sizes are only ever-increasing, so it’s lucky most laptops come with pretty generous storage size.

How much storage you need depends exactly what you intend to use the laptop for. Most laptops these days start at 256GB storage, which should be plenty for casual use at home. If you intend on storing large amounts of photos and videos however – 4K media can really add up – then you really ought to be looking at 512GB storage and above.

If you intend to use your laptop for gaming or running complex programs, then we recommend at least 1TB of storage. Large-scale games such as Cyberpunk 2077 can take up over 100GB of space alone, which will soon be competing for storage with all your other games, programmes and media files.

There’s no need to worry about storage space  – if you run out you can always purchase an external hard drive, or even replace your laptop’s hard drive if you’re feeling techy.

If you’re concerned about speed it may be worth shelling out a bit more for SSD storage over a hard drive – this can result in longer battery life, better shock resistance and much faster performance.

What RAM do I need?

RAM stands for Random Access Memory and essentially stores information the device is currently using so that it can be accessed faster. Basically, the more RAM you have, the faster your laptop will be. RAM usually comes in 4GB for budget notebooks, 8GB for standard laptops and 16GB and above for professional work and dedicated gaming.

However, there’s no need to go overboard with RAM – for day-to-day tasks such as browsing the web, streaming Netflix and video calls 8GB will be plenty. RAM becomes more important when it comes to gaming or running complex software, in which case you might want to look at 16GB and above.

If you really want to nitpick you can also look at RAM speeds, which are measured in megahertz (MHz). Most speeds vary between 2,133MHz and 3,000MHz, while a few have peaked at 4,000MHz. However, unless you’re serious about performance an incremental increase in speed won’t make much noticeable difference – it’s far more important you get the right RAM memory.

What graphics and display are good?

Most laptops come in full high-definition (FHD) as standard which is a resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 and more than enough pixels for the average user. However, for those who aren’t too concerned about pixel count, lower resolutions are available, which will not only lower the price but may also run faster with fewer pixels to power.

For those who use their laptop for a lot of media playback and wish to future-proof, then 4K ultra-HD is slowly becoming more mainstream and available on most streaming services. Although gamers especially will want to check the laptop’s specs – 4K can really take a toll on the components.

Gamers will also want to have a look at the GPU – most laptops have an integrated GPU, which is fine for casual gaming and day-to-day tasks. But if you want to play some bigger-scale games, you’ll need a discrete GPU.

Read more on Black Friday

If you don’t know where to start hunting for Black Friday bargains, we suggested you narrow down your search by checking out our dedicated brand and retailer pages below. We’re keeping them up-to-date with the very best deals and discounts out there.

Want more offers? Keep checking our Black Friday 2020 guide as we work hard to source and research the best and cheapest deals for you. We’ll also have all the latest news from our experts in the lead up to Black Friday and Cyber Monday. For more tech deals check out the technology section.


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