Up to 40 per cent off Panasonic headphones and soundbars for Prime Day

Good time to pick up those new speakers you've had your eye on...

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Gone are the days when the audio that comes from your TV or stereo system is the best you can hear and external speakers have been growing in popularity for years now.


Which is why there are so many that you can buy now from several different companies- one of the best of the bunch being Panasonic.

Whether to make that score in a movie sound incredible or you just want a speaker to belt out your favourite tunes, the Panasonic range has you covered- and this is a great time to pick one up.

Amazon Prime Day is here and, as well as expected bargains to be found on headphones, look for deals on many things.

The two-day sale event is on now and runs until midnight of 14 October. When browsing Prime Day deals, you’ll likely find things like discounted Fire Sticks, Amazon Unlimited Music sign up costs reduced, offers on Echo devices, and many more Amazon devices on sale. There will also likely be Kindle deals too.

To join the service and grab some bargains, here is where you can sign up for Amazon Prime and get a 30-day free trial.

And remember, there are also deals to be found for both the Black Friday sale and Cyber Monday sales.

Are Panasonic headphones good?

They certainly are. Panasonic know what they are doing when it comes to their headphones and have they all the boxes ticked for things you could want in a pair.

Many are perfect for outside noise reduction and they will all allow you to listen to things with far more clarity than you would with any old headphones. Reviews are usually high for these releases and they are certainly in demand.

What Panasonic headphones and speakers are on offer on Prime Day?


There are quite a few Panasonic audio offers already online and ready for you to take advantage of. See the list below!

You can also head on over to see all the Amazon Prime Panasonic audio deals.


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