What happened at the Apple Event 2020? New Apple Watch, iPad and more

All the announcements from this year's launch event.

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Apple Event 2020

This year’s Apple Event was a little different, streaming live to devices at home and delivered through the lens of the global pandemic. Usually, this event would be expected to include the latest iPhone, but the iPhone 12 release was delayed due to current events.


The event saw the release of some exciting new devices and services, some of which were expected and others which were not. In true Apple style, it was a slick presentation with promotional videos showcasing the features of the latest products. There were also personal stories from those who Apple products had helped, from alerting a young father his heart rate had increased before a cardiac arrest to the way they helped a blind man live his life to the full.

There was also an acknowledgement of the effects of COVID-19 and a nod to our reliance on technology in these strange times.

Below, we run through all the announcements of the Time Flies Apple Event 2020 and highlight some of the most exciting features of the newest devices.

What is the Apple Event 2020?

Each September Apple present their new products to the public in an exciting display. As the iPhone 12 release date has been delayed due to complication from the global pandemic, the main focus on this year’s event were the Apple Watches and iPad updates, hence the name Time Flies for the event.

What happened at the Apple Event 2020?

The event ran live online from the Apple website and official YouTube channel and featured various members of the senior team presenting all the most exciting aspects of the latest devices in detail.

The event opened with a discussion about the effects of COVID-19 and the role technology has had in connecting people to loved ones, work and teaching.

The event then went onto to unveil the new products and services offered, featuring promotional material and case studies.

The new releases included:

The new Apple Watch 6

Apple Watch 6

You can read our full break down of the Apple Watch 6 release, but broadly the main focus of this launch was the health and wellness benefits of the app. The biggest new feature was the ability to track blood oxygen levels which can monitor respiratory health – a major factor in the era of COVID-19. There were also hand-washing tracking features as well as family updates with added parenting control for safety and monitoring of children’s location and activities.

The watch will cost £379 and you can buy it now:

The new Apple Watch SE

Apple Watch SE

The SE is the more affordable version of the 6 and has largely the same main features, without the shiny oxygen monitoring. There is the same ‘solo loop’ strap available as unveiled for the 6 which comes in a range of sizes and is a continuous silicone band with no buckles on it. The family features and health extras like fall tracking are available and you can read the full information on the Apple Watch SE release here.

The SE costs £269 and you can buy it now:

The new iPad 8

Apple iPad 8

The iPad 8 will be available as a standard, Pro, mini and max size as with previous models. The new model promises better performance and enhanced hand-writing capabilities for art, working and note-taking with the Apple pen. This device, like the others, will arrive with the new iOS 14 software and you can see all the information on the iPad 8 release here.

The iPad 8 costs £329 and you can buy it now:

The new iPad Air

Apple iPad Air

The iPad Air was an exciting release with a special focus on the A14 bionic chip which is capable of delivering top performance at maximum energy efficiency. There’s also a liquid retina display at a size of 10.9 inches and it’s compatible with the Apple Pen and keyboards. We’ve got an in-depth breakdown of the iPad Air 4 release too.

The iPad Air is available from October.

Apple Fitness+

Apple Fitness+

The new Apple Fitness Plus program is a subscription service offering a range of workouts and tailored playlists for working out anywhere, from the Apple Watch, iPhone and even Apple TV. There’s an absolute beginner programme if you need easing into the workouts and you can read more about Apple Fitness+ in our guide.