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When is Horizon Zero Dawn 2 released? What’s it about?

We doubt it will be called Horizon One Dawn...

Herizon Zero

After selling 10 million games and becoming the PS4’s biggest new franchise launch, we are undoubtedly going to see a follow-up to robot dinosaur-hunter Horizon Zero Dawn. As the next generation creeps closer and a sequel announcement seems ever more likely, we take a look at what’s next for the unique sci-fi actioner…


When is Horizon Zero Dawn 2 released?

Nobody knows when Horizon Zero Dawn 2 will be released, especially as developers Guerrilla Games have yet to officially announce the sequel. However, it will almost certainly be a next-generation title at this point, so don’t expect a release until after the PS5 release in late 2020.

Sadly the original Horizon Zero Dawn took about seven years to develop – hopefully, there won’t be another four years…

What consoles and platforms will Horizon Zero Dawn be available on?

Much like the first game, we expect Horizon Zero Dawn 2 will be exclusive to PS5.

What’s Horizon Zero Dawn 2 about?

Horizon Zero Dawn is set in a post-apocalyptic world where giant robot creatures have taken over the Earth and the surviving humans have been reduced to a tribal-like society.

Sadly very little is known about the sequel, but the first game’s ending provides us with some (spoiler-ridden) clues. Hades, a rogue AI hell-bent on human destruction, is found to have survived the climactic showdown at the end of the game, and interestingly has been captured by supposed ally Sylens. This nicely sets up the villains for the sequel, who will likely be much more nuanced considering the friendship the player has with Sylens.

Little is known about the gameplay, but like the first game will likely be heavily tied to the story. After exploring grassy mountains and then frozen tundra in the DLC, it seems likely the sequel will have some new environments to explore with exotic tribes to meet.

Oh, and the sequel will be sure to have more varieties of machine animals – which we’re very much on board for.


The original Horizon Zero Down is available here.