You can finally download shows on Netflix to watch offline

You can now take your favourite TV shows and movies with you everywhere you go. Here's how


Let the binge-watching commence: Netflix has finally caved and allowed members to download many of its most popular movies and series, including Black Mirror, Stranger Things and House of Cards.


In a surprise move, the online streaming giant has announced that subscribers worldwide will be able to download hours of content at no extra cost, to watch offline.

It had originally resisted calls to make shows available offline, likely due to legal restrictions on the content hosted by Netflix – but in recent months that stance seemed to be softening. 

This means the bingeing can continue on planes, on the tube, and anywhere the Internet doesn’t reach. 

How do I download TV shows and movies on Netflix?

Downloads are available on ioS (Apple products) and Android apps. Update your app to the latest version, open it up and a message will appear.

What films and shows are available for download?

Not everything is available, but plenty is already on the list. You can now download some series of Narcos, and Suits, and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Season one of Poldark’s there, Community, Peep Show, RuPaul’s Drag Race, and Orange Is The New Black.


You’ve got Brooklyn, Good Will Hunting, The King’s Speech. You can watch Breaking Bad on the beach, or The Tudors on the tube, or Mr Selfridge in the shops.