Watching 500 episodes of The Simpsons simultaneously in virtual reality will blow your mind

It's a Professor Frink invention come to life


The Simpsons and virtual reality both make the same promise: they will remove you from your dull, endless life for a little while, and place you in a fully realised fictional world. Perhaps that’s why this Matrix-style world of Simpsons is so amazing, and so terrible.


The sound. Oh god, the sound.

The monstrosity was created by Australian John Hatfield using a video from Omni Verse, and while it ‘only’ shows 500 episodes rather than the 589 that have been broadcast thus far, it’s more than enough to blow your mind. Click and drag your way around and know you have glimpsed the future.


The 360° YouTube video is also compatible with Google Cardboard, if you want to try it in VR and pretend you are monitoring CCTV all over Springfield.