The internet is obsessed with what happens when you ask Siri “can you beatbox?”

It may not be useful, but it's certainly entertaining...


We knew Siri could be sassy — especially when asked “What’s zero divided by zero?“.


But we didn’t know Apple’s in-built PA had skills that extended to hip hop music.

If you ask Siri to beat box, “here’s one I’ve been practicing” is the response you get. And then Siri repeats the phrase “cats and boots” over and over again, which is supposed to be the basic phrase that aspiring beat boxers use when they’re learning. She then adds, “I could do this all day.”

This isn’t a new feature, but it’s one that has been recently discovered by lots of iPhone users who took to Twitter in delight at their discovery.

We must say, it’s not the most rhythmic hip hop we’ve ever witnessed, but it’s weirdly entertaining and funny that Siri is trying this out at all.


Who knows what other skills that PA secretly possesses?