Frank Skinner to watch celebrities watching iPlayer in new on demand chat show

Frank Skinner On Demand With... will air exclusively on iPlayer from wherever guests "regularly watch BBC iPlayer"

iPlayer’s good ain’t it? So good that the BBC have dedicated an entire celebrity chat show/infomercial to finding out what the rich and famous are watching on it…


Comedian Frank Skinner will present the new iPlayer-only series, going to meet a different celeb each week “where they regularly watch BBC iPlayer – whether that’s on a tour bus, in their make-up chair, in their garden on a sun lounger or in the car while waiting to pick the kids up from school.”

Lee Mack is Skinner’s first guest when the series debuts on Friday 13th November, with Zoe Ball and Josh Widdicombe set to follow.

“As a kid, I had a recurring dream that I was alone in the local toy shop and could help myself to anything I fancied,” Skinner enthuses. “BBC iPlayer feels a bit like that dream. But now I’m allowed to take a playmate, to show me the things they love that I might have missed. And everything they reach for tells me more and more about them. Come and join us in the best toy shop ever.”


Just mind that recycled episode of Top Gear on the top shelf…