BBC3’s move online will be a success, according to Netflix executive

“BBC3 is for that demographic who already doesn’t know what time shows are on and what channel they’re on” says Ted Sarandos

The BBC’s decision to move BBC3 entirely online has been controversial, but at least one man thinks it will be a success.


“Yes, I think it will work,” Ted Sarandos, head of commissioning at Netflix, told Radio Times. “On demand, the more you can lean into what people want, [and] they want that control back, the more successful you can be.

“BBC3 particularly is programmed for that demographic who already doesn’t know what time shows are on and what channels they’re on.”

(Presumably they’re not readers.)

Sarandos paid tribute to the corporation’s history of technological progress, including BBC iPlayer. “It shows that they’re trying to stay up with what’s happening and trying to migrate to the desires of the people,” he explained. “You can get very stuck in your own business models to your detriment, and to their credit I think they’re trying to evolve.”

Of course, some might see an increasingly online BBC as a competitor to Netflix – “BBC3 is for a certain demographic. Netflix is not for a certain demographic, it’s for everyone” – but Sarandos nonetheless ‘welcomes’ the corporation to the space.

“Oh, absolutely. We believe anyone who’s having success delivering shows over the internet is good for us. Because eventually, longhaul, almost all video entertainment will come into the home this way.”


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