@theashes and more cases of mistaken Twitter identity

Twitter user Ashley Kerekes has had to clarify she's "not a freaking cricket match", but she's far from the only one to have been mixed up online...

Spare a thought for US-based Twitter user Ashley Kerekes today, whose moniker – @theashes – means her timeline is once again set to be filled with people’s thoughts about the major sporting event.


Ashley is said to have chosen her Twitter identity thanks to a pet name from her boyfriend, with no relation at all to the legendary Aussie-England cricket grudge match. In 2010 she soon learned what that was however:

However, having gotten used to being confused, the Twitter user now finds her timeline is filled with people warning her that she’s about to be confused. It’s a vicious cycle. 

But @theashes is far from the only one to be involved in a social media mix-up. Here are more Twitter users who probably wish they’d opted for a different moniker…


Amid news that Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson had been suspended from the motoring show after a “fracas” with a producer, Twitter user @JClarkson1980 – a Canadian unlikely to be seen anywhere near the BBC – suddenly found himself getting a lot of surprise attention. 

Mentioned in a tweet linking to a story about the presenter, the Canadian-based Clarkson replied:

This quickly escalated to hundreds of jokes that she was the killer in EastEnders’ big Who Killed Lucy? plot. Even her own sister joined in.


So a rather confused Bobbie, who had to Google what on earth was going on in the UK, posted a selfie to clear up any confusion.