Google Chrome’s secret “Unable to connect to the Internet” game could be better than the whole web

No connection. No problem...

This isn’t news. It’s been on your Chrome browser since September. However, if like me you’re not very observant, you may not have noticed that one of the most addictive games since Snake on the Nokia 3210 is staring right at you every time you need it most. 


Indeed, whenever you lose your internet connection on Chrome, it is there to help you while away the seconds, minutes or hours until you’re reconnected to the information superhighway and doing your important digital business. 

Whenever you get the “Unable to connect to the Internet” screen on Chrome – just hit the spacebar and you will be launched into a brilliant dinosaur-based runner game that sees you jumping over cacti and ducking under Jurassic birds of prey.   

Be warned: low-fi with a playability rating of 11, this game could potentially be better than the whole internet put together, so begin playing at your own risk. 

If you want to try it, turn the Wi-Fi off on your computer now and try to load something on Chrome. Or for a more authentic experience, just wait until your ISP lets you down…