You could be the next Katy Perry – in her popstar video game

The free to play app from the people behind Kim Kardashian: Hollywood is coming soon

Katy Perry is popular. It’s undeniable. She has dozens of number one singles, millions of social media followers and she danced with sharks at the Super Bowl. If that’s not fame, then we don’t know what fame is. (Related note: we’re not sure what fame is anymore.)


Now the California Gurl is getting her own video game (“Featuring Katy’s voice, likeness, and personality, the game will introduce players to a digital playground of global success and talent”) and you’re going to want to whinge about it. “It’ll be terrible,” you say, “it’ll be one of those money grabbing free to play things, like the Kim Kardashian game where you buy virtual shoes for real money.”

Granted, yes, it is a free to play app for iOS and Android. And yes, it’s made by Glu Mobile, the same people behind Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. So yes, when it is released in the second half of 2015, it will likely start shaking money out of little girls. Kim Kardashian’s game made $43 million in its first three months on sale.

(Again, we don’t know why the world is this way.)

OK, it sounds horrendous, but consider the possibilities of playing through Katy Perry’s life. The tutorial level set in a church, learning how to roar and kiss girls. Facing down the Russell Brand mini-boss. Purchasing power-ups for your cream spraying bra. Leaping over sharks at the Super Mario Bowl. And all the while, Katy Perry songs playing in the background, on a loop, forever.


We can’t wait.