Doctor Who game materialises on tablets

The Doctor and the Dalek teaches children programming... and what is more, it's free to download

Tablets are amazing, aren’t they? A tiny wee box that seems to hold the entire universe. Now where have we heard that before?


The Doctor and the Dalek, originally released as a pretty gosh-darned-great browser game, has now been ported to tablets. Available on the Google, Apple and Amazon app stores, it brings with it four new levels and a variety of power-ups, but at heart it’s the same educational experience as before. The Doctor (voiced by Peter Capaldi) guides a Dalek (voiced by a Dalek) through an obstacle course by remote control.

As the Dalek encounters different obstacles and nastier Sontarans and Cybermen, the player upgrades the pepper pot with new skills. In the process children learn the rudiments of programming without even knowing it. It’s a neat game, it’s free, and it’s got Doctor Who in it, so why haven’t you rushed to your respective app store yet?

Now, the big questions: why is the Doctor co-operating with a Dalek? And why haven’t the BBC produced an Odd Couple style sitcom where the Doctor and the Dalek live together in the Tardis?


The Doctor would be messy and leave his dirty socks everywhere. The Dalek would be uptight and try to exterminate all life in the universe. It would be a laugh riot! And educational too.