French Twitter users can pay with a tweet

By connecting their bank and Twitter accounts users will be able to transfer money through the social network

So you want cash, huh? Well, you can tweet for it!


Twitter has teamed up with the bank Groupe BPCE to let users transfer money with a tweet. By connecting their bank and Twitter accounts, French people will be able to transfer money without knowing the payee’s account details.

The new method works through the BPCE’s S-Money transfer service, but anyone should be able to use it regardless of where they bank. Of course a record of the payment will presumably be left public, so it’s probably not for more sensitive purchases. Full details will be revealed at a press conference on Tuesday.

Expect more companies to make a grab for your wallet in the coming months. Payments and transfers are seen as a potentially lucrative market for tech firms. Last month Twitter started trialing their own ‘Twitter Buy’ service, which embeds a purchase button in promotional tweets, while rivals Facebook are rumoured to be adding payments to their Messenger app. Apple are expected to launch their own wireless wallet Apple Pay within the next week.

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