Tablets and iPads included in viewing figures for first time

The Broadcaster’s Audience Research Board (BARB) is to monitor television views on Android and Apple tablets

BARB, the industry body that measures television ratings, is to include viewings on tablets in its calculations for the first time. 


Volunteers on BARB’s audience panel already have their views on television and PC logged, but new software will also capture the use of live streaming and catch-up services on Android and Apple tablets.  

The Broadcaster’s Audience Research Board monitors 5,100 homes across the UK, recording the viewing habits of around 11,500 people. Using this as a representative sample, they then extrapolate viewing figures for around 26 million TV watchers. The organisation estimates that around half of those homes currently being monitored for laptop and PC use also own a tablet device.


The first show captured on tablet? Guy Martin’s Passion for Life, about the British motorcyle racer. Something to add to the history books.