RIP Retweet? Is Twitter about to ditch its famous button?

Some mobile users of the social networking site have reported their "retweet" option being replaced by "share with followers"

The days of Twitter’s retweet button may be numbered…


Certain users of the social networking site’s mobile app were last night reporting the disappearance of one of Twitter’s most iconic features with the “retweet” option beneath each post replaced by the phrase “share with others”.

Now, before your race to check your news feed, the swap hasn’t yet been rolled out to every user just yet – and it’s worth noting that not all Twitter’s trials make it past testing point – but the news marks one of several changes made by Twitter developers in recent weeks in an attempt to make the site more engaging. 

Along with the “share with others” option, tweeters have also been reporting the removal of the “quote tweet” button in favour of “first add comment”, with many users criticising both additions for closely resembling rival social network Facebook which is already associated with the “share” terminology.

The new features come after Twitter announced a range of new photo options in a blog post on Wednesday. Users can now attach up to four photos per tweet and tag up to ten users without using up any of their 140 characters. 

The “share with followers” experiment follows last week’s suggestion by Twitter’s head of news, Vivian Schiller, that the social network was working to hide the @-reply and #hashtag from appearing on its news feed, calling the use of the symbols “arcane” and confirming, “we are working on moving the scaffolding of Twitter into the background.”