Stephen Fry turns himself into an app

The QI presenter and proficient Twitter user has gone virtual to broadcast his thoughts to the nation's smart phones

Fans of QI’s front man rejoice! You can now carry a tiny Stephen Fry around in your pocket. It’s what you’ve always dreamed of, right?


Never will you miss one of Stephen Fry’s quips, his wise words of advice will only be a swipe away and you’ll always be up to date with his comings and goings, thanks to Fry – a new app turning the man himself into a virtual pocket-sized pal.

While virtual Fry’s appearance might seen a little cartoon-y, the words coming out of his digital lips will be broadcast straight from the actual brain of Stephen Fry. The actor, writer, comedian and presenter  – who is currently the third most followed UK Twitter user – will broadcast 60 second soundbites via the app.

And it’s not all one way communication either. If you’ve ever wanted to make Stephen Fry giggle, now is your chance. Sadly, it won’t be your gags making him chuckle  – virtual Fry can’t hear you (obviously) – but if you give the screen a stroke you’ll might tease a laugh out of the 55-year-old’s digital doppleganger.

The man himself took to Twitter yesterday to promote his virtual alter ego, saying:

The iTunes description for the app – which currently has four and a half stars – says “[Stephen Fry’s] immersion into the digital ether is all but complete” which sounds a little bit ominous to us. Could this just be the first step in Fry’s digital domination master plan…?


The Fry app is free and available on iTunes.